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Beige Linen Suit

Mens-Two-Buttons-Blue-Suit Linen is a summer fabric that comes into play at the season of outdoor weddings and evening parties. A woollen suit may be a all year round fabric which means you can rock the look at all seasons but having a traditional winter suit and a traditional summer suit is a smart move. Though woollen suits are a versatile wear they can give you a bulky look that some would dislike. Linen suits on the contrary cling onto your frame and give you a fit look. The breathable fabric allows air to pass through and thus 25 percent less back sweat. Thus linen is the cool wear as in literally only if you know when and how to wear it.

The number of fabrics that can be used as a suiting material is only a handful. Linen is a textile spun from the fibres of the flax plants. It is similar to cotton but is made from the stem of the flax plant. cotton instead is made from the seeds of the cotton plant. beige linen Suits made of linen involve a laborious process which may increase its value but is totally worth it. Cotton tends to retain the moisture for a significant time period. But linen has a absorption quality thus dries quickly and reduces heat reduction in high temperatures.

The drawback is that it wrinkles easily. But the crumpled look doesn't look messy but just a normal characteristic of the fabric. Despite the wrinkling it is incredibly durable. It is stronger when wet and resists dust and stains. They may need pressing but can be dry cleaned or machine washed.

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Linen suits more of a casual wear than a formal one and can be frequented to summer weddings and office gatherings. Linen as a daily work clothing is a debatable topic but with the increasing trend of allowing casuals in the work environment times are changing. A well pressed linen suit paired with a cool matching pair of jeans or chinos may be well suited for the now casual business culture. Just finding the right kind of fit and good pairing may give you the perfect blend of casual professionalism.

As aforementioned linen tends to wrinkle easily and soften with time. Thus finding the right fit should be the first point in designing your outlook. A well fitted but slightly crumpled linen suit may be pulled off as a cool summer outfit but even a quality well pressed linen with a baggy fit may let you regret your morning. To make this easy you can opt for a beige linen suit that is blended with lightweight wool that gives you a bit of stretch and flexibility. This can give you a right fit but taking it to a tailor to get your own finishing touches like slimming your jacket and adding cuff to the pants may earn you extra points.

When it comes to weddings it is best to go for a tailored suit taking into account the season and time of the event. If the wedding is outdoor say a sun kissed beach, a perfect formal tuxedo may not be expected and you can tone down your formal wear to a cool linen suit. Choosing a tailored linen suit with custom details included could give you a ultimate comfortable and cool wear that can still be the talk of the occasion.

Beige-Color-Three-Button-Suit When you decide on a suit for these type of occasions it is better to chose lighter colors like tan, cream and beige. Beige is the most preferred color for the outdoor weddings since it compliments the sunlight beautifully. A beach wedding with all the handsome men wearing suits that are beige themed could be a elegant scenery in itself. Mostly linen suits are worn as a two piece suit especially if you are the guest to the wedding and a elegant beige colored three piece suit can be the right touch to the relaxed look. If you want perfectly color blended wedding photos then the groom's best men can go along with a full beige themed suits while the groom can wear colored suits like light blue that compliment the overall appearance.

Thus choosing a perfect linen outfit may mostly depend on the smaller details like selecting the color and the accessories like tie and shoes that enhance the outfit.