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Mens Tuxedo Dress Shirt

When you dress in a tuxedo most would stick with the dress codes since the event that you dress for is most probably a formal one. When you dress in a formal black tie attire the tuxedo dress shirtbecomes an important part of the attire. When you pair the tuxedo with a mens tuxedo shirt then the look becomes complete. While going with this look it is best to know the rules and thus in this article we discuss all that you need to know about mens tuxedo shirts and how you can select the best one for yourself.

There are different styles in tuxedo shirts and you will have to know the details to pick the style that will suit you the most. Some of these include the fabric from which the shirts are made from, the cuffs on the shirt, collar and the color of the shirt. The tuxedo shirt has a long history that ages same as the tuxedos. In the earlier days most men used the stiff front wingtip collar tuxedo shirts to pair with the formal garment. But when the dress codes changed with time by the 1930s the black tie attire was more simple and elegant and that meant going with soft front tuxedo shirts. These formal tuxedo dress shirts came with turn down collar and till now this style of the shirts have remained to be the standard style. Only for a short time in the 70s the wing collar tuxedo shirt that came with detachable collars became famous but soon the soft front tuxedo shirts with attached collars came back into style.

Black Shirt White Shirt Tuxedo Shirt
By the 1970s the stiff front tuxedo shirts with attached collars were developed by manufacturers but this time it came with pleats and had miniscule wings. If you are a person who likes to go with dressy styles then you can choose to try out the pleated tuxedo shirts. These shirts come with vertical pleats on either side of the placket that carry the buttons of the shirt. If you want a simple style but also different from the usual plain front tuxedo shirts then the tuxedo shirts that come with small pleats are the best but when you need a flashy style then go with ones with larger pleats. As for the collar the wingtip collar tuxedo dress shirts are considered to be the most popular choice but you can also try out the other styles for like example turn down collar shirts.

The use of the turndown collar tuxedo shirts were popularized first by the to be Duke of Windsor in the early 1930s. The shirts became a popular style since they were more comfortable and were a softer alternative to the stiff styles that were prevalent before. Also these tuxedo dress shirts were more practical since they did not require frequent starching. The softer style of the tuxedo shirts mens received mixed reaction at the start since some argued that they were too casual for to be paired with formal garment like tuxedos and were mostly used for the events that happened in summer but soon progressed to be included in black tie attire.

Casual Dress Shirt As for the type of the collar it can be a spread collar or a semi spread collar with the former considered to be the most formal of the two. The spread collar is the best for men who have a narrow face since it can widen the eye range of the viewer making your face look more spread out. Also when you go with spread collar tuxedo dress shirt the tips of the collar will be hidden inside the jacket lapels and thus give out a better look. Other than this the tuxedo shirts that you choose is better to possess French cuffs. The French cuff tuxedo shirts are considered to be the most formal and appropriate for the important formal events for which you dress up in a tuxedo.

As for the buttons the usual dress shirts have plastic buttons but the tuxedo style dress shirts usually come with studs instead of the usual buttons. In the early times the stiff front tuxedo shirts were provided with studs while the soft front tuxedo shirts were provided with mother of pearl buttons. Even today both styles are available but the ones with studs are the most recommended. The recent styles of the tuxedo shirts come with 4 studs but some contemporary styles even have a hidden fly. There are usually no pockets on the tuxedo dress shirts since they are not considered to be dressy.

Cotton Dress Shirt The fabric of the tuxedo shirt influences the quality of the shirt and the comfort of the wearer and thus it is important to choose them carefully. The usual recommendation for you is to go with cotton tuxedo shirts. The cotton tuxedo dress shirts come of natural material and thus can keep the wearer comfortable throughout the day. Also the tuxedo shirts are usually worn underneath the jackets and thus can make the wearer uncomfortable when worn for a long time. But the cotton tuxedo shirts being breathable will keep you from sweating too much. You can try out different variations of these cotton tuxedo shirts like twill weave tuxedo shirts and broadcloth tuxedo shirts.

If the event that you are attending is happening in summer then it will be a good choice to go with linen tuxedo dress shirts. When you are in need of a cheap style then go with polyester tuxedo shirts. As for the color white tuxedo shirts are the ones that are considered the most appropriate. When you choose the tuxedo shirts go with the ones that fit you the best. Slim fit tuxedo dress shirts are the best since they will give you a fitted look enhanced by the tuxedo jacket.