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What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of pinstripes? The Yankees? I'd bet so, if you are a sports fan. Pinstripe Suits go all the way back to at least the 1920's when Clark Gable made them famous in Gone with the Wind.

Frankly, Scarlett I don't give a damn should have been Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn because I look so damn good in this pinstripe suit. Rumor has it, that it was Clark Gable who made famous not only the pinstripe suit style, but also gave birth to the zoot suit trend and craze. Pinstripe suits have come a long way since the early 1900's. Dare I say they have become an iconic staple? vested pinstripe suits are what you think of when you hear the term bankers suit, are they not? Pinstripe suits are also classically linked with power suits. Solid suits with no patterns can be considered drab and boring after an entire week of wear. What happens when you add some pinstripes? You get gangster style bold white pinstripe suits, you get conservative power business suits, and you bet flashy fashion zoot suits with bold pinstripes as well.

Brand name designers from the likes of Ralph Lauren, to Calvin Klein all have put a fashionable twist of their own pinstripe suits. Pinstripe suits are a staple in almost every guy's closet and even ladies for that matter. Now I bet you just thought to yourself, what pinstripe suits do I have in my closet? Do you have an event coming up and need a new suit? Even if you just want to add to your current collection, I bet you can do that with a perfect pinstripe suit that fits your taste here. Not only do we have pinstripe suits, we also have the accessories for you to match and pair with it. A few people and I suspect very few, have never worn a pinstripe suits before, for those people we can direct them here all color pinstripe, for those who are looking for specific pinstripe colors we can offer you harder to find colors such as white pinstripe suits or brown pinstripe suits. For the more flashy people we carry bold pinstripe suits, as well as shadow pinstripe and ton on ton suits. If you peruse these I am sure you will find something you want to add to your suit collection. Pinstripe Suits are connected to and made famous by the likes of Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, Carrie Bradshaw and of course many more celebrities and business men and women alike. Some people of course look better in them than others.

While we have regular pinstripe suits, we even have tone on tone and pinstripe tuxedos as well. Dont see a pinstripe suit you like on our website?Thats ok. We also do custom made items as well.

We can make any pattern, any design, and we probably will do it at a more affordable price than any other made to measure service. We hear you loud and clear, you want pinstripes and you want them now. Whether you want to look like Clark Gable, Winston Churchill, even Johnny Depp? Maybe you want to wear pinstripes for Halloween?Whatever youre looking for, whatever you want, we are almost guaranteed to have it. Just take a look around. Find something you want? order it. It is as simple as that. Our shipping department will have it to you in just a few short days. Now at this point I bet its crossed your mind, I can find a pinstripe Suit for myself, but what about my lady. Well, we have the solution for that too. We carry womens suits as well. We carry business suits and church suits for all size women, as well as for men and even kids. Pinstripe suits are very steeped in history from Gone with the Wind to the Yankees, to even The Presidents of the United States. For example, did you know that one of Winston Churchills pinstripe suits from world war II sold for over $50,000 at auction in 2002. Clark Gable may have made them famous, Winston Churchill made them popular not to mention dapper and trendy.

From Zegna, Armani, Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein, all of them have made pinstripe suits, with every brand name designer that comes out with a pinstripe suit putting its own twist on an already iconic and classic style, the suit becomes even more and more iconic. For years each designer was known for his or her own cut, until someone thought to create the overall generalized slim fit pattern. Now pinstripe suits cannot only make you look dapper and trendy, they can also make you look slim and sleek. These stylings for suits are a greay. I would recommend that if you dont already own a pinstripe suit that you immediately go out and add one to your growing suit collection. After all who doesnt want to resemble and look like the rich and famous? Imagine the compliments youll get while at church or at work from one of our beautiful pinstripe suits that you can get at the best prices anywhere. Our pinstripe suits can make anyone look debonair. Whether youre 18 or 90. These suits will always be in style. Just ask Clark Gable and Winston Churchill. Whether youre looking for a classic notch lapel or a trendy peak lapel on your pinstripe suit, we have it just the way you like it and always the way you want it. In conclusion. If you want to style it, chances are we probably have it. To get yours now just go to and check out or hot pinstripe suits. Youll find what youre looking for, one way or another.