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Oftentimes we spend most of our energy to select the main garments like the suit or the blazer when we go for shopping. This lets the other elements like the shoes and the shirts to be ignored. Choosing the right fit of the shirts also matter a lot since it can affect the whole look of the outfit. There are various fits of the mens shirts available in the market and choosing the right one that fits your body type is what matters the most. We in this article would like to talk about the slim fit shirts and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment. This might help you make the best use of the mens slim fit shirts that you already have in your wardrobe too.

Cotton Shirt For a long time men went with the same fit of the shirts but now there are various fits that can offer different solutions for different body types. Now the options are endless like the regular fit shirt, muscular fit shirt, tailored fit shirt and many more. You have to go through and know the styles to find the one that would work for you. If you are trying to find the right fit of the shirt for the first time then we would suggest you to go to the shop and try on different fits. This will help you find the right fit of the shirt for you. If you haven’t got the time for this trial and error method then you can take the quizzes that help you find the body type and recommend the fit that is best for you.

Coming back to the mens slim fit shirts we would like to focus on the details that make the garment special. Slim fit dress shirts come with a fit that lies close to the body while tapering the cut through the middle portion and the waist. Slim fit shirts are most recommended for the lean men since the lesser room in the upper part of the body might be uncomfortable for the men with a bigger or muscular build. Other than this the slim fit shirts are more tailored near the arms when compared to the regular fit shirts. Thus the overall look for the slim fit shirts can be nicely fitting along the upper portion and arms but can be baggy near the waist.

Black Shirt Slim fit mens shirts are best suited for the lean men since there is also not much stretch provided to the material of these shirts. If you want the look to be perfect then it is best to alter the shirt again according to your need. The slim fit shirts are made to reach a wider range of audiences than the tailored fit shirts and thus these alterations are much requires. There are various styles in the slim fit shirts and depending on your need you can make the pick.

The major theme with the slim fit shirts is that they can be worn even without the jacket. Since the garment when tailored perfectly is form fitting it can give a impressive look when simply worn with the chinos or the dress pants too. This makes the mens slimfit formal shirts more versatile than the classic fit or regular fit shirts. Now as for the recommendation of the slim fit shirts we have brought you some of our picks which we think might be helpful to further your fashion sense if you add them to your wardrobe collection.

The quality of the slim fit shirt matters a lot when choosing the right style. The durability of the shirts along with the comfort with which you can wear it determines its quality. There are various brands that offer mass produced shirts but most of them are slimfit cheap shirts that come with questionable quality. While you can buy the first shirt with an enormous price with time the price range has to get reasonable. Even when you go with cheap slimfit shirts make sure that the quality is atleast acceptable.

Pink Shirt Yellow Shirt Blue Shirt Red Shirt

The material used to make the slim fit shirts affects the quality. Depending on where you are intending to wear them you can make your choice. For example if you are looking for a slimfit tuxedo shirt then it is best to go with 100% cotton shirts even if the price is a tad high than you expected. Slim fit french cuff shirts need to be perfect to be paired with the formal garment like tuxedo thus calling for the expensive choice.

But if you are looking for slim fit casual shirts that you can use for summer parties and such there are many other choices. Cotton shirts are often preferred for summer use but recently there is a competitor when it comes to casual style. Slim fit sport linen shirts have been becoming increasingly popular among men who are looking for styles that can get you through the casual summer day. Other than this you can also choose to go with slimfit seersucker shirts but they are considered to be more casual than the mens slimfit linen shirts.

Patterns are also a good choice when it comes to slim fit shirts. Instead of the formal plain slim fit shirts you can add a little spice to the outfit with the patterned shirts. Slim fit plaid shirt is a great choice for people who like to go with the simple patterns. There are various choices in plaid ranging from simple to flashy and you can make your choice according to your taste. For a more flashier and fun choice you can go with floral slimfit dress shirts. This could help you add a flair to your outfit without you even trying much. Knowing the different choices available in the market is the key and thus browsing through the choices is important. Branded ones like Ralph lauren slimfit shirts and Italian slimfit dress shirts are some of the popular choices in the current trend.