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Have you planned to buy a pink tuxedo and cannot finalize about what type of tuxedo to choose and what shade of pink will suit you? You have reached the right place where you can find a wide range of pink tuxedos and suits that can be bought in affordable price ranges. Tuxedos are special kind of suits that will not suit everyone. We might have to take special care and attention to make sure that the tuxedo that we buy suits us perfectly. Pink is a special color and is always associate with feminine look so while choosing the shade of pink for you suit, you will have to give necessary attention. Remember that pink is a color that attracts a lot of attention for bother good and bad reasons.

There are no chances for a lay man to be informed about the types of tuxedos available but it is important to know which type of tuxedo can make you look smart. Each type of tuxedo has its specialty and that will act as a point that will enhance the entire look to a surprising level. Color of the suit also has a great level of effect on how you look. Pink color tuxedo is mostly seen as a soft expression but we need to think about how it will look on you as an individual. Apart from this factor, we will have to consider the shades of pink that is available for tuxedos that you are looking out for. Every type of tuxedo will look different in different color; you cannot expect an un-attractive color to make an average looking suit to look good. So both the color combination and the style of the tux has equal role in enhancing the final look of the tux as well as how you look.

Pink TuxedoIf a pink tuxedo is what you have chosen to fashion this time, we wish to help you out with a few fashion tips so that you don't end up looking feminine. As everyone is aware of the fact that pink is seen as a color that reflects womanly look, we find a lot of men avoiding it for the same reason. But to counter that we have some manly combinations. You can combine colors like black with pink or white with pink they look good on any men without looking feminine. Likewise, we are able to see a lot of men going for the same color just to get appreciation from their women fans or girlfriends and sometimes life partners. While wearing a pink tuxedo is pretty uncommon practice, we can surely make it a fashion statement by the shade that we select. A proper baby pink might not suit a lot of us but it is a good thing to make a lot of trials before settling on the right shade that matches you. Some of us might have the look to carry atypical pink color while many of us might not be able to handle it well.

A good way to wear pink is by complimenting the color with colors like white so that the color and its effect are nullified to a certain extent. You don't have to wear pink tux with some heavy patterned shirt or a chunky accessory that can make you to stand out. Apart from concentration on the tux, it is wise to so for mild accessories and shoe selection that does not make you look like a 70s rock star. You will definitely have to stay away from bright shades of pink for a tux as that is sure to eat away all the attraction and leave your face to blank out from the frame. We know that women love pink and it is a recent study that had encouraged men to wear pink if they like to flatter their women.

Pink tuxedos come in great colors like light pink tuxedo, hot pink tuxedo, blush pink tuxedo, fuchsia pink tuxedo / jacket and more.

Tuxedos are the garments that men consider to be the savior when it comes to formal events. The tuxedos have been the norm for the formal events like the black tie events for a long time. When we say a long time we are talking about more than 100 years. This century old tradition has managed to stay in trend overcoming all the style changes and the taste of the people with time. Also, another important thing is that they are the classic garments that we have held on for all these years. When we say classic, the term has diluted in the present time. Classic means the garments that have stayed in style for a long time but without many changes retaining their original design. This is why the tuxedos are one of the best examples for the classic garments in mens fashion. Over all these years the changes in the tuxedo design are minimal and the basic structure of the garment has been maintained from the time of its origin.

About this classic garment the first thing that pops in your mind is the color black. This is because of the fact that the black tuxedo have been considered the standard style for the men for the formal events since the time of its origin. The tradition has continued all over these years and is still intact. If you are invited to a very formal event, you most probably are expected to show up in a neat black tuxedo with a white shirt and a black bow tie. All through century old history there is only once a time when the black tuxedos were pushed back by another color of tuxedo. Midnight blue tuxedos at that time were considered to be superior to the black tuxedos. The midnight blue tuxedos were known to look blacker than black under the natural light and even better in the pictures. Also, they had the added advantage of looking equally great for the morning events which is a feat that the black tuxedo couldn't achieve. But this was for a very short time until the black tuxedos regained their place in the mens fashion.

Even if it was for a short time still it was an opportunity to look into the mindset of the people. People though being accepting of the traditions still needed some changes from the usual that can keep them going. This is the exact thing that is happening in the present world. When in the olden times there were only the formal events for the men to dress up to, it is not the case with the modern world. We have different types of events that require us to wear different types of clothing depending up on the nature of the event. We have formal, semi formal and casual events. Therefore, we have a better opportunity to dress to and the men are not missing on the opportunity.

For example in the big events like The Oscars and the Academy Awards for a very long time men stuck with the traditional black tie attire but nowadays we can see a lot of our favorite celebrities branching out and trying new styles of tuxedos. Hence, the colored tuxedos have gained a large fan following in the recent years. There are a lot of styles for you to try on the colored tuxedos but today we are going to discuss the pink tuxedos. When we say pink tuxedos we do not want you to panic instantly and back off. Pink tuxedos aren't a very hard style to pull off. If you know the basics of the pink tuxedos and how best to style them then you are ready to rock the pink tuxedo style. In this article we are going to do just that and also talk you through why men have to include pink in their wardrobe.

The reason why most men would shy away from trying out a style like pink tuxedo or any men's garment in pink for that matter is that the pink as a color have been stereotyped to be women's color. We have the practice of even designating the colors for our children even before they step into the world. Gender revealing sessions still use pink for girls and blue for boys. But the fact that this isn't really an old tradition but is a one that is only in practice for about 50 to 60 years is a relief. In the olden times people did not have the color distinction for the children. What they were more concerned with is to show that the children were underage. Therefore, till a certain age the children regardless of the gender were dressed in white and also in gender neutral clothing. Historians still have some struggle to identify the gender of the children in these age brackets in the portraits since they are all dressed in the same type of clothing. Also even in the 20th century some major fashion brands introduced mens clothing in pink and the style flourished especially among the younger generation. Pink is a color that is a derivative of red and thus was even seen as a masculine color to wear. Only recently people distinguished the colors based on the gender and the stereotype has struck on for all these years. But nowadays the times are changing and more and more men are starting to wear pink or incorporate it in bits in their daily wardrobe. Therefore, if you love the pink tuxedos look or would like to try it on to see if it works then this is the perfect time to start.

When it comes to purchasing pink tuxedos or styling them the first thing that you will have to do is to consider the type of the event that you are getting the pink tuxedo for. This is important since the tuxedos color is a major thing that is influenced directly by the nature of the event. For example if the event that you are attending is a very formal one then it may be best to avoid wearing a pink tuxedo to that type of event. Also, if the event has mentions of its guest being in black tie attire or formal attire anywhere in the invitation then it means that you are strictly expected to be in formal clothes that is black tuxedos with black bow tie and a white shirt. But if the event does not mention the above phrases or has the word optional in it then it means that you can bend the rules a little and can introduce some personal styling in the garment that you are wearing. When it comes to these semi formal and casual events they most probably come under fun category of events or the ones that aren't too serious. For example family weddings and dinner parties. These are the best events where you can try out your pink tuxedo style. Of course, you are going to the center of attraction of the event or at least turn some heads and therefore you must be prepared for it. As we said before pulling off a pink tuxedo style is very easy but what really matters is you to look confident in it.

Now after you determine the formality of the event and consider it appropriate to wear pink tuxedo to that event the next thing that you will have to do is to select the shade of the pink tuxedo. The people who shy away from the pink tuxedo style or ardently avoid it because of some mishap before mostly go wrong in selecting the shade of the pink tuxedo. Pink not only means the hot pink and the Barbie doll pink. There are a lot of beautiful shades in pink and selecting the proper shade of pink in the pink tuxedos matter the most. You can go with hot pink tuxedo style if you want to be the center of attraction and wouldn't mind being it. But if you are more of the subtle type then you may need to take it a notch down and go with lighter shades of pink tuxedos like blush pink tuxedos. These lighter shades look great and do not attract a lot of stares. If you are attending a fun event then these pink tuxedos blend in perfectly with the environment.

The next thing that you will have to do after you select the shade of the pink tuxedo that you are going to wear is to select the details in it. For example, you can go with the pink tuxedo style with a cummerbund or a vest but also go without it. To make this decision you will need to know the purpose of the garment. Vest is a garment that is known to all, but when it comes to cummerbund for people who don't know it is a band of fabric that is worn around the waist of the wearer at the place where the shirt fabric is tucked in the trousers. The main purpose of the vest or the cummerbund is to hide the shirt fabric from showing below when the jacket of the pink tuxedo is fully buttoned. This in turn creates an uninterrupted look from top to bottom. Also, if you are a short person this helps a great deal since the uninterrupted look could easily make you taller and slimmer. You can go with pink vest to pair with the pink tuxedo look. The length of the vest matters a great deal and should never extend below the waistband of the trousers that you are wearing.

The number of buttons on the vest also matters. For example if you go with the vest with less number of buttons then the V-neck is deep and hence it creates an illusion of longer upper torso. Thus, it may be best to go with less number of buttons on the vest and the jacket if you are short and more number of buttons if you are a tall person.

As for the tie to wear with the pink tuxedo look, you can either go with a bow tie or long tie option. It is always recommended to go with the bow tie option since it is the basic requirement of the tuxedo fashion but if you aren't very comfortable with it then you can go with the long tie option. The color of the tie depends on how you style the pink tuxedo. For example if you are going with the whole pink tuxedo look, that is pink jacket with pink trousers then the tie that you wear should also be in pink. But most of the time men tend to go with pink tuxedo jackets pairing it with black trousers. In these cases you can pair the pink tuxedos with black pants with black bow tie or pink bow tie.

Now another major recommendation when it comes to pink tuxedo style is to go with patterned pink tuxedo jackets. The patterns on pink looks exceptionally great and can make you look classy and at the same time stylish. This is why the patterned pink tuxedo style is more preferred by men rather than the plain pink tuxedos. Paisley patterned pink tuxedo and floral pink tuxedo are some of the best recommendations for the patterned pink tuxedo style. Another thing is to carefully select the type of fabric that the pink tuxedo is made from. Wool is the most preferred choice but when it comes to patterned pink tuxedos it may be best for you to go with silk or velvet ones since they give you a rich look.

There are a lot of styles available in pink tuxedos like black lapel pink tuxedo, fuchsia pink tuxedo, mens shiny pink tuxedo, wedding dress pink tuxedo, tone on tone pink tuxedo, peak lapel pink tuxedo, notch lapel pink tuxedo, groomsmen pink tuxedo, slim fit pink tuxedo and many more.

Our Customers reviews about Pink Tuxedo

I love this Pink Tuxedo However I did notice that the pockets on the vest were not real and strings protruded out of the openings, easy to clean up but disappointing. The jacket is great but needed a little love too. The pants on the other hand were terrible. Terrible feel, the mechanism to tighten the waste was confusing and I couldn’t figure it out and they smelt a bit off. Buy this for the jacket and get pants elsewhere. The Pink Tuxedo looked great on my son for prom! I told them I needed the prom by the 10th and got it on the 9th! Thank you for keeping y’alls word and telling me not to worry! Great customer service..will recommend to anyone! Pants a little loose but a belt helped! Thank you!

I bought large purposely to be able to tailor to my specific body type. I absolutely LOVE this Pink Tuxedo. I bought it for my wedding and spent less money on a purchase than i would have renting a tux of similar design. The material is comfortable, the cut is exactly what I expected, and the design was above and beyond what i was hoping for on an up close inspection. I love this suit and would definitely feel confident recommending these guys to anyone looking for a special outfit that nobody else is going to be wearing. Great job guys!

I never write reviews but this suit!!! It was a big hit at this weekends Hollywood sweet 16! I ordered this for my husband last minute when we could not find a nice looking but inexpensive tux locally. I emailed the seller and they answered quick and shipped quick and the suit made it here 2 weeks before the event!! The looks my husband got when he walked in was priceless!! He look amazing and he felt amazing and the complements he got really put a smile on his face for the night! The quality was great and I loved the look of this suit very GQ Pink Tuxedo!

I ordered 4 different Pink Tuxedo from 4 different vendors for my son to choose from for his dance. This suit was the winner. I especially like the pants fabric texture and length over the other three vendors. I know the young men now a days like the above ankle length, but I just can’t. It reminds me of pee wee Herman’s outfit. Haha. I will definitely look to this vendor for my son’s next formal wear.

I thought the Pink Tuxedo was more of a pale pink. When it arrived it was more of a cotton candy pink. The vest had to be tightened to the very end and looked bunched up from the back so my son never took the jacket off. I was hoping the jacket would be a little more slimmer to define the body a little better. Other than that, the quality was great! Jacket size 38,Pants 32