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Mens Flat Front Slacks

There is always this dilemma of choosing between the flat front slacks and the pleated pants while we go for shopping. While the pleated pants offer the much needed space the flat front pants offer a more streamlined look. The choice depends on the wearer and his body type. You can try on both the styles and then find the one that would suit you the best. Today we are here to talk more about the mens flat front slacks style and it’s distinguishing characteristics.

man wears dress pants Flat front slacks need no more explanation than their name. Flat front pants lie flat against the body of the wearer while the pleated pants come with the creases along the waist portion. Flat front slacks come with the contouring feature which is known as the dart. This feature allows the fabric of the flat front slacks to lie flat while rotating in and out of style. The flat front slacks were at the height of popularity during the 1950s and 60s while the clean and well fitting style was the trend. But soon the roomier and comfortable styles became the norm and people started choosing the pleated pants. By the 1990s flat front slacks had a comeback and they have remained in style till date.

If you are trying to choose between the pleated pants and flat front slacks for men there are a few things for you to consider. Your body type is the most important thing that determines the choice of your clothing style. For example, if you are a slim and lanky person then you might be quite comfortable while wearing the classic flat front tan slacks for men. The flat front slacks also provide a slimmer and snugger fit. But if you are a person with a big build then the flat front slacks style might be unforgiving. The bigger men are often recommended to choose the pleated slacks since the pleats tend to provide more space and hence would be more comfortable for them to wear.

Next up is the event for which you are styling the outfit. If it is a formal event where you want to look dressed up stylishly then you should be choosing to go with the flat front slacks for men since it offers a clean and slim look. But if the event is going to happen day long and you value comfort over style for the day then you should be choosing the pleated styles. Go through the various collections and then make the choice.

Mens Brown Flat Front Slacks Mens Brown Flat Front Slacks Mens Brown Flat Front Slacks Mens Brown Flat Front Slacks

There are different flat front slacks designs and you should be knowing your options before making the choice for yourself. Our suggestion would be for you to check out the flat front slacks collections for men from the stores and websites. You can use the flat front slacks stores near me to find the nearest stores in your area or you could simply opt to purchase the mens flat front slacks online. There are numerous websites that have the flat front slacks for sale and you can even get mens Flat front slimfit slacks discounts.

Flat front slacks are a versatile style and you can be styling them for both the formal and casual events. After you find the right style of the flat front pants, try to include them with different outfits to achieve a cool look. Here are some best flat front slacks outfit ideas for you to check out.

We would like to start with a simple outfit that is achievable for anyone. Styling the grey blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of grey designer mens flat front slacks is a sharp but cool look to choose. You can complement this look by adding with it a pair of black socks and white leather low top sneakers. For an extra smart combination of the outfit, you can style the brown wool blazer with a beige crew neck sweater and a pair of dark brown flat front slacks at low price. To instantly up the style of this outfit, you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather brogues boots.

Gray Pants For a dressy look that you can easily wear while walking in for an important meeting, you can style the navy blazer with a white dress shirt, red and navy striped tie and a pair of navy costly flat front slacks for men. If the weather is chilly you can throw on a navy trench coat and then for the footwear our suggestion would be a pair of dark brown leather dress shoes. For a party look, you can style the burgundy blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of grey flat front mens party slacks. Adding a pair of grey socks and black leather oxford shoes would be a perfect way to finish off the look. For a refined smart casual look, you can style the navy double breasted blazer with a blue striped dress shirt and a pair of khaki unique mens flat front slacks. To make the look edgier in its style, a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers is recommended to be added.

For a fusion look, you can style the black dress shirt with a charcoal horizontal striped tie, black varsity jacket and a pair of black designer mens flat front slacks. A black wool hat with a pair of black leather tassel loafers would be the final touch to polish off this contemporary look. For a casual and off duty look, you can style the white polo neck sweater with a pair of Charcoal best quality flat front slacks. A pair of dark brown socks and dark brown suede tassel loafers would make the look integrated well with the outfit. For a sartorially superior look, you can style the light violet dress shirt with a brown field jacket and a pair of beige linen flat front mens formal slacks. A pair of dark brown suede loafers would help bring this whole look together.