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Discount Mens Dress Shoes

Men do have an inclination to shop with enthusiasm when it comes to shoes. This trait is not that much seen when shopping for other things like garments or other accessories. So most of the time men do not fret about spending too much on the shoes given that the shoes are of their desirable standard. This only intensifies when it comes to mens dress shoes and the brands and styles come into play at these times. All that being said a good pair of dress shoes is a necessity more than it being a luxury. Shoes are one of the things that get noticed on you from a stranger when he looks at you the first time. Therefore, shoes play a major role when it comes to creating the so-called first impression. So rather than taking chances it may be best to select the shoes that would make you look and feel great at the same time. Now as we said before men have no qualms on spending money when it comes to shoes but often make the mistake of spending a lot of money on the same type of shoes without trying out anything different. This is a definite loss of money and is also a waste of style. There are a lot of awesome styles in the type of shoes and thus trying them out will only guarantee to up the fashion factor for you. So in this article we are going to know about the different styles available in the mens shoes and also the ones that will be appropriate and not appropriate to wear at certain times.

Before we dive into the details and the modern designs it may be best to learn about the evolution of shoes with the mankind and also the trends that were involved. The earliest form of shoes are said to be over 40000 years old and the facts are mind-blowing. The shoes are said to have originated around in the Middle Paleolithic period but only by the Upper Paleolithic period major population of people started to wear shoes. Evidently the first design of the shoes that originated were soft and usually made of wrap around leather that resembled the designs of the sandals and moccasins that we have now. Only after a period of few thousand years the basics of the shoes design that we have now started originating. During this period the design of the mens and womens shoes were almost similar. The difference between the designs and the materials that were used to make the shoes were based on the wearer's class and social status. Common people wore shoes that were heavy and with black leather heels but at the same time the people of the higher class and the aristocrats wore heels that were crafted out of wood. The heels on these shoes were always very high and only by the 18th century the materials used were changed. During those times the silk shoes with heels gained popularity. It was by the start of the 19th century that the shoes were designed to show difference between the mens and womens style. The appearances changed based on the color, style, toe shape and the heel. The tops of these shoes used cloths and also this was the time when the boots gained a lot of popularity. Also, until the mid 19th century shoes were made straight and this meant there was no distinction between the left and right shoe. Only by the start of the 20th century shoes were made in regard with showing the distinction. 20th century was the prime time for the shoes and each decade saw a lot of drastic changes in the designs and styles preferred. Also, the introduction of technological advances made the shoe making easier and simpler than it was ever before.

The black shoes and brown shoes are the ones that are dominating the mens shoes market even today and this started at the time of Great Depression. Flashy shoes were banned and there was a shortage of raw materials which boosted the usage of these standard colored shoes. That practice has stuck on till now and has now become a norm. After the Great Depression, Oxfords became one of the most popular choice and greatly dominated the American market. From the time of the Second World War the mens shoes trend have largely remained unchanged and even today the Oxfords and loafers remain the dominant style.

Thus, the mens shoes have maintained its classic style of designs till date and thus makes the choice easier. When it comes to mens shoes there are two major kinds - formal shoes and the casual shoes. Formal shoes for men are famously known as the mens dress shoes and chances are high that you already have a pair or two in your wardrobe. These dress shoes are to be worn with the formal outfits like the tuxedos, blazers and the formal suits. They complete the overall look and give your outfit a sharp style. There are different kinds and styles when it comes to mens dress shoes and knowing these styles might help you a great deal while shopping for the shoes.

The first major kind of shoes that have evidently dominated the mens shoes market for more than two centuries is the Oxfords. These type of shoes gained popularity by the 1800s especially among the college students of the Oxford University since the students wanted a modern low top version of shoes than the half boot style that they were using until then. By now you would have figured out the namesake of these shoes. The main identifying characteristic of the Oxfords is the closed lacing. This arrangement gives the slim silhouette of the shoes which hugs the contour of the foot. There are still more types in Oxfords like the cap toe Oxford, Wingtip Oxford, whole cut Oxford and the plain toe Oxford. You can choose the style that suits your taste and also the one you feel the most comfortable in. The Oxfords are the most formal type of shoes, and they are greatly because of their minimalist look and their easy ability to pair them with any kind of outfit. The Oxfords are your best pick when it comes to pairing the shoes with tuxedos or any other formal wear. There are a lot of colors when it comes to Oxfords and when selecting the color you will have to keep in mind their usage. If you are getting the shoes for only formal use and business use then you can go with the classic colors like black, dark brown or the black leather. Also remember to pair them with a darker pair of socks so as to maintain the classic look. Now if for slightly casual use you can go with lighter and brighter colors like blue, dark red, green and many others. Also, the Oxfords are available in both leather and suede. You can stick with patent leather ones for the formal use and go with suede for the other events.

Derby is another popular type of mens shoes. They are similar to Oxfords but are considered to be less formal than them. These shoes design originated about in the mid 19th century and started out as the sporting and hunting boots. Only by the 20th century they became appropriate as dress shoes. The difference between the Oxfords and the Derbys is subtle. The Derbys has its facing attached on the top of the vamp and this is known as the open lacing type. This type of design allows for a wider and more comfortable fit. You can wear Derbys like you wear Oxfords but it may be best to restrict its usage with chinos and jeans rather than with formal suits.

The former two styles of the shoes that we saw were of the laced up style but there is another type of mens dress shoes style that you need to know if you want to branch out. Monk strap shoes are the lace less style of shoes and are considered to be more formal than the Derbys but less formal than the Oxfords. As the name states this style of shoes were originally used by the monks since this closed toe design provided more protection the open sandals. As for the characteristics of the Monk straps they are similar in shape and construction to that of the Oxfords. The difference between the two is that the Monk Strap wide strap of leather that can be fastened across the front of the shoe as opposed to the provision of eyelet closure in the Oxfords. The Monk straps come with single or double straps on their front. These shoes are a perfect alternative to the laced type of dress shoes and is considered to be one of the most versatile options. You can wear them with formal suits but you need to make sure that they are of patent leather and is also of appropriate color. At the same time there are colors and styles available in monk strap that you can pair with jeans and t-shirts so as to look stylish and dapper. The monk straps are available in leather and suede and sometimes can have decorative details like brogueing on it. The monk straps are the shoes that often come in two tones like red and black monk straps, brown and black monk straps and many other such styles. These type of shoes are sure to attract attention and can easily serve as the main piece of the outfit that you are wearing.

Loafers are another major style of shoes that have recently taken the mens shoes market by storm. The loafers are the slip on shoes that were developed with the inspiration of moccasin type of shoes. This style of shoes is said to have originated around the early 20th century when King George of England wanted to have a casual type of shoe that he can easily put on and slip off. These shoes soon reached the height of popularity and by the 1960s every American businessmen and the lawyers were seen donning on the style with suits. This style of shoes reached a new height of popularity when Gucci introduces the bit loafer which had a metal strap across the instep. This style soon picked up and gained a new level of status for the loafers as a formal footwear. There are many styles when it comes to loafers and you can select the one that suits your need and taste. The loafers often have a saddle which is a decoration which can either be a plain strap or a metal ornament or anything in that case. Some of the famous kinds of loafers are the penny loafers and the tassel loafers. The penny loafers have a strap with a saddle which is rumored to have used by the students in the earlier times to stock a penny and hence the name. Tassel loafers have a tassel or a kiltie hang from the straps and this is also famous style. The main characteristic of a loafer is the elevated seam that runs along the toe and this makes the loafers stand out. When you need to wear the loafers as a formal style it may be best to go with the leather ones that have good finishing. The suede loafers and the velvet loafers are a good style when it comes to shopping for casual styles of loafers. There is also the option of going with exotic skin dress shoes or dress boots like alligator shoes, crocodile shoes, stingray shoes, snakeskin shoes, etc.

Other major styles of casual shoes is the sneakers and the sandals. These type of shoes are to be used with the casual outfits like the jeans and t-shirts, casual suits and other casual styles but should never be worn with the formal styles like tuxedos or the business suits.

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