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Mens Striped Blazers

It is surprising how the fashion can be constantly changing but can also reinvent styles. When we see a style that has been in use before 100 years worn by a celebrity in the 21st century then we cannot stop Marvelling or celebrating the fashion world. One such style that has managed to stay relevant over a century is the stripped blazers. It is easy to spot a stripped blazer among a well dressed crowd since it has become a popular style and men have always had a liking for the stripes. But when we see photos and drawings of men that are centuries old rocking the stripped men's blazers it makes us want to know more about the style. So here we are writing an article about a style that is a must be in your wardrobe.

Stripped blazers can be anything you want. Be it formal and subtle style that you can occasionally style to your office – you have the pinstripe blazers. But when you have a casual and cool style that you don’t mind being on the bolder side then you can go with the chalk striped men's blazers. Thus there is a style for everyone with the stripped men's blazers given that you have the time to look. Now the stripped blazer can be styled to different events since they are a versatile style and easy to style.

Before we go into the modern styling of the stripped men's blazers we would like to let you know some of the history of the blazers. The stripped men's blazers that our men before 100 years wore is not much different from the ones that we have now but the major shift is about the fit. They stuck with the bold and classic styles but the fit was much more looser and rustic than the ones that we have now. The stripped men's blazers were first spotted on the British universities where the cricket team adopted the style for themselves from the boating club that had plain blazers.

Then the 1920s came and the stripped blazers or anything that had stripes became an everyday style for the Americans. Other than this the stripped men's blazers also became a constant style in the ivy league schools and also among the rock stars of that time. Since then the stripped men's blazers have been in and out of style but never truly out. Even today the stripped men's blazers are considered to be a cool style to rock and thus you should definitely add them to your wardrobe.

Striped Blazer Now that we have covered the interesting history piece we can move on to the styling of the stripped blazers. Basically there are two styles in stripes which is the horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. But vertical stripped men's blazers are the ones that are most recommended and are also popular both in menswear and women's wear. These stripped men's blazers are considered basically to be summer or spring style but when you go with the subtler ones like pinstriped blazers then you can style for any seasons. Depending on the event for which you are getting the garment and the season for which you are going to style it you can choose the details of the stripped men's blazers.

For example if you are getting the garment for the summer use then go with the lightweight choices like the striped linen blazers or the seersucker striped blazers. But if you are looking for the stripped formal blazers then go with the wool striped blazers or the cotton striped blazers. While these are the usual choices for daily use for the special choices like the pinstripe blazer wedding go with the silk striped blazers or the striped velvet blazers.

Now that you have selected the basics of the stripped blazers you can move on to the styling aspect. When you style the stripped blazers make sure that you don’t conflict it with other printed ones. Don’t mix vertical stripes with the horizontal ones unless when it is for the smaller ones like the ties or the pocket squares. Other than this keep the main combining garments that you pair with the stripped blazers simple and plain.

Here are some ideas of styling the stripped mens blazers for different events. For a simple and classic style you can pair the blue striped mens slimfit blazer with a white dress shirt, black tie and grey dress pants. When you add black leather derby shoes then the outfit becomes worthy to wear to even your regular office day. For a little more casual look you can style the grey striped blazer dress with a white crew neck t-shirt and black dress pants. To inject more style to the outfit you can add with it black leather loafers.

Now we are moving on to more casual styling of the stripped blazers that you can choose for summer and spring. Starting with a vacation outfit we would recommend you to try pairing the dark green striped blazer coat with a black and white print crew neck t-shirt and khaki chinos. We have mentioned that it is a vacation outfit and thus it would not be complete without the straw hat. Go with a lighter ones like the beige straw hat and then also add with the striped blazer outfit a pair of beige athletic shoes.

Pairing the light blue striped casual blazer with a white striped long sleeve shirt and charcoal striped chinos is a risky look but it can still work out when you get the color coordination right. You can follow up the casual look of the outfit by adding a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. If you are ready to go with a camera worthy outfit then you can style the black and white blazer with a black polo and white chinos. You can easily complement the look of this outfit with a pair of black leather loafers.