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Red Blazers

Unless you are a fashion influencer or a very confident dresser there is least chance that you have a red blazer in your wardrobe collection. This is because of the fact that men tend to consciously avoid wearing red and consider it to be one of the hardest colors to pull off. Most state that it is an attractive color that equally attracts attention and thus becomes a dangerous color to style. But the key lies in properly styling the outfit and thus in the article we discuss all you need to know about red blazers and some styling tips that will help you confidently style the garment.

Red Velvet Blazer The red color is mostly associated with power and desire. It gives you the alpha male look for the wearer which is almost too hard to achieve with the other colors. There is a study that states that women consider the men wearing red to be more attractive than the usual colors. Red is associated with various emotions and symbolisms in different parts of the world. Chinese associate red with wealth and prosperity while it also denotes communism. Wearing red might have been unconventional for a long time but the times have changed and the men have started to be more acceptable to the brighter colors than before. Thus it is time that you move on from your usual navys and charcoal grays and try out the red blazer style.

The red blazer is undoubtedly a statement look and thus you need to style them carefully. When you consider the details you can easily style thestylish red blazer and there is no reason that you should panic.

The first point is to select the right shade of the red blazer. We know that when we said red blazer you might have imagined the bright blood red but in reality there a lot of shades in red that you can choose from. Thus there is a style for everyone whether you like subtle or flashy style. Take time to go through the shades available and then make the right pick.

Slimfit Blazer If you are a person who likes the subtle styles then we recommend you to go with darker shades of red blazer. For example a red burgundy blazer or a maroon red blazer might work for these men. Going with the darker shades of red blazers might be a good choice since you can style them for both semi formal and casual events while the lighter and brighter shades of red blazer might be better for casual uses only.

When styled right you can wear the deep red men's blazers for formal uses too like for formal use. For example you can style the red peak lapel blazer with a white dress shirt, dark green horizontal striped tie and charcoal plaid dress pants. For a complete look you can go with a pair of navy leather loafers since they give you a formal look. You can even style the outfit for a regular summer office day. For a dressy casual look you can go with the 3 piece red blazer look by pairing the maroon red blazer with a white dress shirt, black vest, burgundy Paisley tie and grey plaid chinos. You can get a complete look by adding a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers.

Now if you want a casual or semi formal look with the red men's blazers then you can go with the slightly brighter shades of red men's blazers. While the bright red blazer or the ruby red blazer look might be too much you can go with the slightly brighter or lighter look of the red blazer. These lighter and brighter colors of the red blazers are a good style for summer and spring events rather than the formal winter events.

If you are styling the red blazer for a casual wedding then you can pair the single breasted red blazer with a black dress shirt and black skinny jeans. To take up the dressy look by a notch you can add a pair of black leather tassel loafers. For a confident look you can pair the notch lapel red blazer with a light violet vertical striped long sleeve shirt and black dress pants. You can forgo the tie option and add a grey wool hat and black leather tassel loafers.

Mens Designer Blazer 2 Button Red Blazer Mens Cheap Blazer Single Breasted Blazer

For a cool yet stylish summer look you can pair the 2 button red blazer with a white polka dot dress shirt and light blue chinos. You can also add a light blue tie and a pair of brown leather derby shoes. For a modern summer party look you can pair the red double breasted blazer with a white v neck tshirt and white chinos. Complete the look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

Other than the formal and semi formal styles you can also style the red blazer with casual garments like jeans or chinos. For a cool smart look you can pair the slim fit red blazer with a white dress shirt and blue chinos. You can leave the top two buttons of the dress shirt open and forgo the tie option. Other than this you can also roll up the sleeves of the blazer and the dress shirt a little. For matching the laid back look of the outfit you can add a brown straw hat and a pair of tan leather tassel loafers.

Other than the solid red men's blazers you can also experiment a little with patterned red blazers. A plaid red blazer or a window pane red blazer is the usual look that is recommended for a casual summer look. But when you need a dressy look you can go with floral red men's blazers or red Paisley blazers.

As mentioned before the red blazers are usually summer garments and thus it is best to go with red linen blazers or cotton red blazers rather than the wool red blazers. Red Silk blazers and red Velvet blazers are recommended for special occasions.