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Cotton Shirts

The fabric of the garments that you choose greatly impacts the quality of the garment. There are different fabrics when you consider the different garments but when it is for dress shirts cotton is the most preferred one. In this article we discuss about cotton shirts and how best style them for different events.

Purple Cotton Shirt Cotton shirts are the ones that is most preferred since it is the most versatile garment. You can style the cotton shirts as both formal and casual events. Another reason for the popularity of the cotton shirts is the comfort involved with it. Cotton is natural fiber and when manufactured into clothing it has many advantages.

When it comes to dress shirts the first thing that people note is the breathability. When we wear the dress shirts especially with formal clothing like suits and blazers it becomes uncomfortable after some time due to the layers involved. Cotton shirts are breathable and thus the air move freely through the garment.

Cotton shirts are also moisture absorbent and remove the liquid from the skin. The cotton shirts can absorb upto one fifth of its weight in water before it feels sticky and damp. This means that you can style the cotton shirts for different occasions and purposes. You can easily use the cotton shirts while exercising so that you don't feel uncomfortable.

Cotton shirts are the best for warmer seasons like summer and spring. Cotton shirts protect the wearer from heat and the sweating problem that we face in the summer. But the cotton shirts are also a good choice for winter season since it provides thermal insulation. The cotton fabric traps the air between its fibers and this can keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. Since the natural insulation is provided the wearer can be comfortable without worrying too much about the climate and temperature.

Since cotton is a natural fabric it rarely causes any allergic reaction. Thus high quality cotton shirts are mostly recommended for people with allergies and sensitive skin. This is the reason why cotton is used for medical products like bandages and also for baby clothing. Babies are more sensitive to clothing and thus you should take extra care for selecting the clothing.

Cotton shirts can be manufactured as weather resistant garments by altering some processes in construction and finishing. When you go with tight dense fabric of cotton shirts it can be water repellent and wearer resistant. Though the fabrics are relatively thick the cotton shirts retain their comfort and breathability. As for the light fabric of cotton shirts it is best for summer events like parties. The comfort of the cotton shirts is highly sought after since the fabric easily stretches. This makes the soft fabric comfortable to be worn as underwear and undershirts. Other than these cotton shirts are also durable because of the high tensile strength of the fabric. They perform best in wear and tear and is 30 percent stronger when it is wet.

It is possible that you already have an array of cotton shirts in your wardrobe. When you know to the style the garment right, you can get the maximum use out of it. If you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear with suits and blazers it is best to go with long sleeve cotton shirts. The advantage with the long sleeve cotton shirts is that you can style it as both formal and casual garment.

Short Sleeve Shirt A long sleeve cotton shirt paired with a suit and a tie is a great style for any formal event. At the same time you can wear the long sleeve cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little with a pair of jeans or chinos. Thus if you want a versatile garment you can go with long sleeve cotton shirts. As for the casual styles that you can wear to parties and such you can go with short sleeve cotton shirts. You can wear these cotton short sleeve shirts with jeans, chinos or shorts for a laid back look.

As for the details on the shirts you can choose it depending on the purpose of the garment. For formal styles that you can wear with the tuxedos you can go with French cuff cotton shirts. As for the collars on the shirts spread collar cotton shirts and point collar cotton shirts are the ones that are most recommended. For casual styles you can try the cotton mandarin collar shirts and banded collar cotton shirts.

Another major factor to note when it comes to cotton shirts or any shirts is the color. The color of the shirt is one thing that people easily note and comment about. When you style the cotton shirts with formal garments it is recommended for you to go with lighter colors.

Blue Shirt White cotton shirt is the one that is most preferred. You can pair them with both formal and casual styles. A white cotton shirt with a navy suit and navy tie is a great outfit for your office meeting. You can wear the same shirt with blue jeans for a weekend look. But if you are bored with the white shirt style you can go with cotton light blue shirt or light pink cotton shirt. These colors blend in well with the formal styles and create a proper look.

For semi formal and casual looks you can opt to go with darker colors of cotton shirts. A cotton black shirt with a pink blazer and black dress pants is a great look for any summer wedding or parties. A navy cotton shirt paired with blue jeans and tan overcoat is a easy look to pull off. Brighter colors are best to be reserved for warmer months since they pop out too much in winter. A red cotton shirt paired with beige dress pants is a great summer look. A cream cotton shirt paired with white jeans or pants is a chill look.