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There can be no doubt that Kentucky Derby hats provide you the fabulous look to add to your racing day style. The one striking feature of great racing is probably the Derby Hats. But the Kentucky Derby hats are no longer associated only with horse racing as they have become more of a fashion symbol for both men and women.

The popularity of Derby hats is steadily increasing and today you find men and women rampantly wearing these extravagantly designed Kentucky Derby hats in all unsuspecting places.
Kentucky Derby hats are time-honored and have a century-old tradition. The variety of fashionable Derby hats offers a unique feel to every well-dressed hat enthusiast.

Historically speaking, the Derby hat replaced the Top Hat as the most sought-after hat worn by men in the late 1800's. The Derby hat is referred to as a Bowler in England and it has acquired incredible fame as a fashionable hat for men around the world.

In the United States, this hat is known as a Derby hat. The Derby is a dome-shaped rigid hat with a curled small brim and is traditionally made of stiff felt. While peaking in popularity towards the end of the 19th century, Derby hat had served as an intermediary between the formal top hats associated with the elite classes and the soft felt hats rampantly worn by the lower middle classes.

The Kentucky Derby is a place noted for style and fashion. The stunning men's Derby hats will surely enhance your personality so expected at the Kentucky Derby. To those less familiar, the Kentucky Derby Hat season commences with the dawn of every New Year when prospective buyers rush to Manhattan in search of the latest styles and colors. The derby hat season concludes with your sporting a Dee's creation on a sunny day sometime in May.

There are a lot of sentimentalists who do not consider Kentucky Derby hats as mere fashion symbols. They staunchly believe in Derby hats bringing good luck. Traditionally, Kentucky Derby hats have been worn only by women. But over the last few decades many men have also become crazy about Derby hats.

Derby HatsAs a rule, women favor wide-brimmed, Southern-Belle inspired Derby hats that can be further embellished with silk flowers, bows, and ribbons etc. Men's Derby hats are usually solid in color and the styles reflect the Roaring Twenties.

Finding the perfect derby hat for a man can be a challenge. When you are out shopping for a Derby hat, it is suggested that you look at some pictures of Kentucky Derby hats to choose the style that will suit you. Please bear in mind that the key characteristic of a Derby hat is its originality. In fact, you can have your Derby hat custom made or, if you are creative and crafty enough, you may make one yourself.

There are many places where Derby hats are available for sale and if you plan going to the Derby, then you need to wear a hat. In fact, one of the earliest traditions at the Kentucky Derby is to wear a hat. This can be a sexy hat, a stylish hat, a fun hat or even a very crazy hat. Derby hats are available in a wide price range. It really depends on your budget what style you choose to buy.

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