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Relive the Magic of the 70's With Leisure Suits

Leisure SuitsNowadays if you walk into any high school you will find most of the teenage girls with hip-hugging jeans and straight long hair wearing shirts that has daisy prints. The blue eye shadow and shiny platform heels are also not missed that was so much popularized during the 1970's. For men you will find the long pointy collars, wide belt buckles, shirts with prominent seams which remind you of the disco culture which was prevalent during this time. And so, the leisure suits have also come back in fashion which was an essential part of the 70's era.

These suits at that time were available in understated shades such as dazzling white, lime green, and blue. It has now become an absolute rage among the fashionistas. Even, some of the fashion magazines are also featuring men in these exclusive suits. Most fashion magazines are insisting that it is the hot new look of the season especially for men. This 70's suit was essentially made by the designer Jerry Rosengarten. He developed a new type of polyester and used it to showcase it. This look never worked for the office. However, the leisure suits were perfect for all casual occasions.

Earlier, these suits were worn at dances and paired with sideburns, gold medallions. However, in the 80's its popularity started to fade. These suits were replaced by the power suits of the 1980's. With the hippie culture coming to an end these suits also went out of fashion. But, still these suits were not entirely gone from the market. Designers still make them but not from polyester but natural fibers. However, if you are keen on getting the polyester version of the leisure suits you should visit a nearby costume shop.

Leisure SuitsThe leisure suits were part of the style statement for a decade and it had the impact of a fashion bomb. It faded pretty quickly from the fashion world but it had embedded itself in the cultural consciousness. It is a wide-lapelled, slim cut, synthetic fibered suit that had become part of all men. These lightweight, comfortable jacket and pant came well before the disco era.

How the world "leisure" came to be associated with these suits remains a mystery to all fashion designers. Nevertheless men were seen to be dancing and relaxing in these suits. Whether the suit achieved iconic status is debatable but nobody can deny the fact that these suits had an impact. It has come to signify the 70's fashion. So, if you want to sport this fashion then go ahead and make a purchase right away.

Browse through a few reputed online store and you will find out the shops from where you can buy leisure suits at a reasonable price. However, when purchasing ensure that you are buying from a reliable store which offers an easy exchange policy and a simple buying procedure. After you wear these suits you can make a definitive style statement.

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