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Mens Mens Gold Silk Dress Shirt

Silk shirts have been reserved for women for a long time now and except a few men are hesitant to try out the style. Most think that it is hard to pull off unless you are Harry Styles. But the silk shirts are not impossible to pull off if you know some basics of it and how to style it. There are a lot of styles and colors in silk dress shirts which you can choose from. In this article we are going to discuss about gold silk dress shirts and some tips on how to style them.

Shiny-Gold-Color-Shirt-Tie The silk shirts have started slowly breaking the stereotypes and more and more men are trying out the style. Silk shirts are not a recent style and have evolved for ages before it became popular when Versace introduced it in hip hop culture. Silk as a fabric is said to have originated in China and have been used in clothing. The usage of silk clothing in the West spread during the 18th century and has gained importance. In the early times silk clothing were reserved for the royalty and elites. The silk shirts have many advantages that will convince you to have one or two of those in your wardrobe.

Gold silk men's dress shirts are versatile and will instantly elevate your look. Though the color may not work great for formal events you can definitely rock the style for casual ones like parties. It is a perfect party wear that can instantly draw the attention towards you. There are a wide variety of options in gold silk dress shirts. You can opt to go with plain gold silk mens dress shirts if you want a subtle pick. These gold formal silk dress shirts can be worn to any event where it is appropriate to wear it even to some semi formal ones. But if you want a look that stands out try out patterned gold silk mens dress shirts. Gold floral silk dress shirts and paisley gold silk dress shirts are some of the recommendations for this style. Since gold is a color that is most suited for party wear formal patterns like plaid and stripes are rare in gold silk mens dress shirts.

There are a lot of silks and you can select the one that best suits you. Raw silk, tussar silk, mulberry silk is some of the options available. When you need a professional shirt with a touch of silk in it you can go with blended silk with cotton shirts. This should mainly depend on the climatic condition in your place and you comfort.

Full sleeve gold silk mens dress shirts are the ones that are most recommended for formal and semi formal events. When paired with right outfit and accessories it can give you a regal look. Weddings and award events are some events where you can rock the long sleeve gold silk mens dress shirt look. Also if you are going to wear the long sleeve gold silk dress shirt with jackets or blazers it is best to go with plain ones. That way the look will be balanced since the gold silk mens dress shirts are in itself a fashion statement. When you intend to wear the gold silk mens dress shirts with any formal garments like suits and blazers the fit of it should be noted. Go with slim fit gold silk dress shirts for a proper look. Also wear the gold silk mens dress shirts for night events since they look great under artificial light and the party atmosphere. Gold silk mens dress shirts might pop out too much for formal events.

Boys-Gold-Color-Dress-Shirt Mens-Cotton-Gold-Dress-Shirt

The patterned gold silk mens dress shirts are definitely a more casual pick when compared with plain ones. The paisley gold silk mens dress shirts can be worn to any casual day out with friends. The paisley pattern works great with the gold color and can instantly make you stand out from the crowd. Since this is a casual style you can go with short sleeve gold silk dress shirts. Also a roomier fit than the slim fit like regular fit gold silk mens dress shirts are preferred. The short sleeve gold dress shirts are a look that is popular in India when people wear it for special occasions like festivals. Since it is traditional reason it is best to go with slim fit gold silk mens dress shirts.

The long sleeve gold silk mens dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred since you can wear them as formal and smart casual outfit. You can wear them with suits and blazers and at the same time you can style them with jeans or chinos with the sleeve rolled up halfway. Keep in mind the purpose of the shirt and then select the style that would be of the maximum use to you.

mens-dress-shirts If you are a person who loves classic styles then you can try out vintage gold silk mens dress shirts. These shirts come with intricate designs and bold prints that will instantly turn the attention towards you. These traditional gold silk mens dress shirts are popular in China, India and Hawaii. They have an ethnic and traditional vibe to it and is best for special occasions in which you don't mind standing out. People who have an interest in culture clothing and curious about it can try out these styles.

Other than this the silk shirts are also famous for their collars. Most come with usual point collars and spread collars but silk shirts are popular for mandarin collar. This collar has its origin from South East Asian countries and has become one of the most popular trends of recent times. You can go with mandarin collar gold silk dress shirts that come with different weaves like jacquard. The rich look of these shirts will hook your interest instantly. It is best for semi formal events and casual outings. Raw silk gold silk mens dress shirts are very much in demand now since they are cool and comfortable to wear in hot days of summer.