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Mens Blue Wedding Tuxedos

The reason why black tie events are called so is because that they require the attendees to be present in the black tuxedos. This was the norm in the past but rules have greatly changed now. Black tuxedos were considered to be the epitome of formalness but nowadays we are seeing less and less of the black tuxedos in the formal events. Blue tuxedos have become more popular and preferred among the men. If you are looking for tuxedos for the formal events like wedding then you should be choosing the blue tuxedo wedding. In this article we will discuss more on the mens blue wedding tuxedos and how best to make the style yours.

Royal Tuxedo How blue tuxedos crept into use?

We all know that black tuxedos were considered to be the most formal style of the garments in the past. Be it weddings or ball events, the men were seen wearing the black tuxedos. But suddenly there was a short period of time when the blue tuxedos surpassed the black tuxedos in popularity.

The reason was that the people found the black tuxedos tend to look dull when worn for the morning events unless they were brand new. It is not economical to keep buying new tuxedos whenever an event pops up. This is where the midnight blue tuxedos came in. These tuxedos came in a vibrant shade that looked great under both artificial and natural light. People found the look to be more attractive and started to prefer getting the blue tuxedos rather than the black ones. This continued to be the practice for quite some time before the black tuxedos got back their power.

Blue tuxedos today

Blue has now occupied a place that concerns more than aesthetically. Blue is officially the corporate color and it is impossible for a working man to not have a blue suit in their wardrobe. Blue has a special place in the color wheel since it is not very sombre like black but also not dull like grey. It offers the right level of aestheticism making it one of the best picks for work related events.

When it comes to black tie events, now wedding navy blue tuxedos are allowed as a replacement to the black tuxedos. You just have to style it in the right way so that it is appropriate for the said event. Hence it becomes vital to now have a classic blue wedding tuxedo in your wardrobe.

Blue Blazer Another reason why the blue tuxedos have become popular is because of the versatility. You can wear the blue garments to almost all events and it still would be appropriate to look. There are also various shades of the mens blue wedding tuxedos available and you can make the choice of choosing the best one that suits your personality.

Use the blue wedding tuxedos near me option to get to know the various styles. For example, if you want the simple and blended in look then navy blue or midnight blue wedding tuxedo would be the best choice. You can choose these styles even while you are attending a black tie wedding as a guest. But if you are the groom, you would want something special and in that case brighter choices like royal blue wedding tuxedos and electric blue wedding tuxedos might serve to be better choices. Find the sites that have the best quality blue wedding tuxedo on sale and find whether you can get these blue wedding tuxedo on discount.

As for the styling of the tuxedos, the easiest way to is take inspiration from the celebrities rocking the same style. In case of blue tuxedos, it is quite often among celebrities when they are attending the red carpet events. Know how you can style the blue wedding designer tuxedos in different ways.

Riz Ahmed

For the Oscar event that he attended, Riz Ahmed was seen rocking a branded blue wedding tuxedo that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a matching blue bow tie. This is one of the most formal style of tuxedo you can choose. He completed the peak lapel blue wedding tuxedo look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. If you have been thinking of choosing the blue wedding formal tuxedo look then this would be a great choice.

Chris Evans

Wedding Tuxedo Chris Evans looks great in everything he wears but for the Oscar event he was especially handsome in the stylish blue wedding tuxedo that he paired with a white dress shirt, a black bow tie and a white pocket square. The single button tuxedo jacket has a shawl collar which was black in color. To match the black elements of the blue tuxedo, he added with it a pair of black patent leather formal shoes. Blue with black is one of easiest combinations to pull off. If you are dressing for a formal church wedding and you are the groom then this would be a good outfit of choice.

Viggo Mortenson

On the other hand, Viggo shone in the three piece blue wedding slim fit tuxedo which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. If you are a fan of the classic blue wedding tuxedo style then you can choose to go with the tuxedo with vest or cummerbund look.

Dwayne the Rock

The big man looked awesome in the velvet modern fit blue wedding tuxedo jacket which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. You can choose to go with these separates look when you want to add some modernity to the same old tuxedo style. He completed the outfit with a pair of black leather formal shoes but you can also choose to go with the velvet tuxedo loafers.

Terrence Howard

This outfit of Terrence is for the pattern lovers. If you would love to add some quirkiness to your outfit then you can choose his style of pairing the printed unique blue wedding tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants.