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Mens Burgundy Wedding Tuxedos

Choosing a wedding tuxedo doesn’t have to be hard but at the same time it doesn’t have to be boring too. Instead of the same old formula of black tuxedos or navy tuxedos, we suggest you to go with something better and unique – burgundy tuxedo for wedding. Burgundy has been a style favorite in the fashion industry and it is not changing anytime soon. The deep and elegant shade offers a sophisticated look for the wearer which would be perfect for a setting like wedding. If you are the groom then burgundy tuxedo wedding would be the perfect way to go on with the event. In this article we will discuss more on the burgundy wedding tuxedos and how you can style them for maximum benefit.

Burgundy Tuxedo We weren’t joking when we said that currently burgundy is one of the hottest color choices in fashion. Starting from the tuxedos to the shoes, burgundy seems to be doing well everywhere and hence we think that there is no better time to try out the burgundy tuxedo style. Burgundy gives you the much needed break from the vicious circle of black, navy and grey. The reason burgundy has been widely accepted, especially by men is because of its deep shade. Burgundy is not very flashy but at the same time offers an elegant and noticeable look. Even if you are a person who has been used to simple and subtle garments, you would be able to pull off the burgundy tuxedo style without much of a concern.

The concept of choosing to style the tuxedos for the formal events only has been long gone. You can now style the tuxedos as separates for even the casual events. All that matters is the type of outfit that you are going to make with the tuxedo. Hence depending on the event you are attending, it is important to choose the right combining garments. We are here to help you get through the style in the best way possible. Here are some ideas of the burgundy wedding tuxedo outfits that you should consider trying out.

Your role in the wedding is the prime deciding factor when it comes to the selection of the burgundy wedding tuxedo look. Also the type of wedding that you are attending also matters. Take all these factors into consideration before you choose the burgundy wedding tuxedo outfit.

If you are the groom..

You being the groom means that you deserve to be the main attraction of the wedding. You can go all out with the selection of the wedding tuxedo. For example, if it is formal event, you can choose to go with an unique burgundy wedding tuxedo and pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a white pocket square. You can even skip the step of the pocket square to add with your outfit a boutonniere. You can also choose a great budget for the tuxedo. We would suggest you to go with the designer tuxedos even if you have to choose the most expensive wedding burgundy tuxedos.This is the standard style of burgundy tuxedo outfit that you should be choosing. But if you are a person who doesn’t want to spend too much on a single garment even if it is for the wedding then you can choose the burgundy wedding tuxedo on discounts.

Wedding Tuxedo If the event is slightly on the casual side then you can choose to style the formal burgundy wedding tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, a burgundy vest and leave out the tie. This three piece tuxedo style can be also worn with the tie but some people would consider the look to be too uptight.

Burgundy tuxedos are also a perfect choice for outdoor weddings. The deep shade of the tuxedo shines the best in the outdoor events. If you want best wedding photos with amazing backdrop then you should be choosing the stylish burgundy wedding tuxedos.

If you are the groomsman…

Choosing the outfit for the groomsmen can be a challenging job, sometimes even more challenging than selecting the groom’s outfit. This is because of the fact that you should be choosing an outfit that is unique without overpowering the style of the groom.

One way to choose the groomsmen outfit is to go with the same look as the groom but with one obvious change. For example, if you the groom is choosing the three piece burgundy wedding formal tuxedo then the groomsmen can choose to go with the two piece casual burgundy wedding tuxedo.This can produce aesthetically pleasing pictures which you can cherish through the life.

Slimfit Tuxedo The next choice is to go with a lighter choice than the groom’s outfit. For example, if the groom chooses the dark shade of luxurious burgundy wedding tuxedo then the groomsmen can choose tuxedos of a lighter shade in the same color. This offers a kind of balanced look which easily highlights the groom on his special day.

While selecting the burgundy wedding tuxedo online, you should make sure to always choose the best quality burgundy wedding tuxedo. For this, you should be browsing through various sites that have them on sale. There are many factors to consider like the fabric of the tuxedo, the cut and most importantly the fit. Depending on your body type, you should be choosing the one that looks the best on you.

If you are a tall and lean person then you should be choosing to go with the burgundy wedding slim fit tuxedo.This is the most popular fit that has been chosen by majority of the men. This fit of the tuxedos lies close to the body of the wearer and offers a flattering look. On the other hand if you want the fit to be more comfortable then classic fit burgundy wedding tuxedo should be your choice. Another fit that has been gaining popularity in recent times is the modern fit burgundy wedding tuxedo.