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Mens Pinstripe Dress Pants

If you are a person who loves stripes on your garments then you are in luck because pinstripe dress pants are making a comeback this season. The pinstripes have been the favorite style of the summer and one of the easiest patterns to rock. That being said most men still hesitate to incorporate stripes in their pants than when it comes to suits and shirts. This is because of the fact that they think that the style is hard to pull off. In this article we are going to discuss about pinstripe mens dress pants and some tips on how to style them.

When you are the person who loves stripes but still is hesitant on using it on your pants then you should start with mens pinstripe dress pants. The pinstripes are lean and places closely together so that it looks like solid dress pants when seen from afar. Thus you can easily wear them even to formal events and as work wear. If you are new to striped garments then you can use them as layering garments so that you will get used to it first and then progress on to mens pinstripe dress pants.

The advantage with the pinstripe dress pants is that they can make your legs look longer than they actually are. The stripes have a huge impact on the height and proportion thus it is better to focus on it more while styling the garment. Since they greatly influence the look of the legs avoid wearing horizontal striped pants if you have meaty thighs. If you are a lean person then you can go with horizontal stripes so that you can gain some illusion of curves.

As for styling the pinstripe dress pants here are some ideas we think are best trying out. Straight leg cut pinstripe dress pants paired with simple layered look like crew neck t-shirt and jumper will be a great smart casual style. Lose the socks and instead go with white trainers for a neat look. Navy pinstripe mens dress pants paired with a white knit turtleneck and dark green blazer is a smart and elegant look. You can add a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots to finish off the ensemble with style.

Though stripes are overused in menswear the pinstripe dress pants will still offer a smart look that cannot be rivaled with. The pinstripe dress pants must be the statement piece of the outfit and thus pair it with elements that have a relaxed feel. A black striped double breasted blazer paired with mens pinstripe dress black pants and white crew neck t-shirt is a perfect mix of formal and casual styles. You can complete the look with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. When you go with light colored mens pinstripe dress pants go with dark solid top garments like navy blazers that will not fight for attention with the pinstripe dress pants. White pinstripe dress pants paired with a navy blazer and light blue long sleeve shirt with the top 2 buttoned left openmens-pinstripe-dress-pants is a neat sophisticated look. You can complement the look with a pair of white leather low top sneakers.

When you wear the mens pinstripe pants for winter you can go with layered garments that will keep you warm on top. For styling the top garments you can go with the approach of going with lighter colors with lower garments. pinstripe Gray mens pants paired with a white shirt, cream knitted jumper is a good start. You can further layer up the look with a beige blazer and a gray shearling lined jacket. Note the shade difference in the top layers. You can complete the look with a pair of classic white trainers. The mens pinstripe dress pants will elongate your legs and give a perfect fitting look.

For a casual look you can go with pairing the mens pinstripe dress pants with light colored knitwear or casual shirts. Light gray pinstripe dress pants paired with basic white knit crew neck sweater and white leather low top sneakers gives a touch of casualness to the classic look. For a still more stylish laid back lookyou can pair the pinstripe dress blue mens pants with red floral shirt sleeve shirt.

For a versatile look you can pair the pinstripe dark blue mens dress pants with a navy turtleneck and black overcoat. You can add a pair of black leather derby shoes to infuse some class into the otherwise basic outfit. Charcoal gray mens pinstripe dress pants paired with green turtleneck and camel overcoat is a less formal version of the previous ensemble.

mens-burgundy-dress-pants If you are new to mens pinstripe dress pants style the safest style for you is to go with suits. It is easier to match the pinstripe dress pants with a pinstripe blazer so that you get a well styled formal outfit.PinstripeBurgundy mens dress pants paired with a white dress shirt and yellowtie is a great look for fancy events. You can match the yellow tie look with a pair of yellow suede loafers.

Pinstripes look great when paired with double breasted garments. PinstripeBrown mens dress pants paired with double breasted blazer, white dress shirt and black tie gives a manly refined outfit. Complete the look with a pair of burgundy leather Oxford shoes. When you match the pinstripe dress pants with striped blazers make sure that you match the types of the stripes properly. You cannot match the pinstripe dress pants with chalk striped blazer since it will create an uncoordinated look.

When you need a summer outfit you can try out the brighter colors of pinstripe dress pants. For example pinstripe green mens dress pants paired with a dark green pinstripe blazer and green knit turtleneck is a good tonal look. Bright blue pinstripe dress pants paired with blue denim shirt and black crew neck t-shirt is a look for effortless elegance.