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Dress pants usually come in the dark colors like black, navy and charcoal grey. These are the standard choices and can work for any type of events. But eventually you might get quite bored with these styles. In that case, you can try out the colored pants style like royal blue dress pants. You might consider these bright colored pants to be too bold but they have become quite a hit among the young dressers. Today we would like to talk more about the mens royal blue dress pants and the various ways in which you can style them.

cotton pant Blue is an universal favoriteespecially among men. This is a color that is easier to style and would look great for any type of events. Blue is a color that helps the wearer blend in casually for both formal and casual events. There are different shades of blue and you can choose the one that would be great for the particular occasion. For example, navy blue is a subtle shade that is usually preferred for the formal events while royal blue is more on the casual side. Find the type of look that you need and then choose the color of your outfit.

Royal blue is known by different names and some among them include queen’s blue and pitti blue. The color usually is referred to be close to sapphire and you can notice the purple and red undertones to the color. If you are a person who loves to try out new and bold styles then you should be choosing to go with blue dress pants. As the name suggests there is a majestic feel to royal blue and thus would be a great choice for the special occasions. It is said that Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg held a dress competition and royal blue rose to popularity during the event and hence the name.

Royal blue is fun to pair and thus you don’t have to worry too much about searching for the right combining garments. And there are also various styles of these pants and thus you can look through these choice before making the choice. Search the web using options like royal blue dress pants near me and you will find the sites that have the royal blue straight leg dress pantson sale.It is also possible to get these royal blue dress pants on discountswhile you are purchasing it online.

striped pant You can choose the type of look that you need with the outfit and then make the choice. With the royal blue dress pants, there are different types of looks which you can achieve. You have to find the right way to do it. Here are some styling ideas for making the blue dress pants look work for you.

All blue combination

If you are a person who considers the whole finding the right colors of combining garments job to be gruelling then you should go with the all blue combination. This is a no brainer look that will help you step out of your house with confidence even when it takes minimal effort. For this casual look, you can style the casual royal blue wool dress pants with a royal blue crew neck t-shirt and a navy overcoat. To create the best contrast for this outfit, you can add with it a pair of white low top sneakers. This is the simplest look that you can try out.

3 piece suit style

On the other hand, if you are looking for a formal and sophisticated look which can work even for the most formal meetings then you should be choosing to go with the royal blue 3 piece suit style. This involves styling a pair of formal royal blue linen dress pants with a white dress shirt, royal blue vest and brown patterned tie. To round off the look in style, you can add with it a dark brown leather watch and a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes. You can even include a pair of black or dark brown shades to add even more style to this outfit.

2 piece suit style

Blue Pant While the 3 piece suit style is preferred for the special occasions and the events where you want to look dressed up, the 2 piece suit style would be a better choice for the regular events. If you are attending an event in your office but you don’t want to attract too much attention then you can style the classic royal blue solid dress pants with a white dress shirt, navy print tie and a single button royal blue blazer. Add accessories like white pocket square and a pair of brown leather double monks to give the outfit more style.

Winter formal style

If you are dressing for a cold day and want to keep warm then you can style a pair of branded royal blue double pleated dress pants with a white dress shirt, blue print tie, navy crew neck sweater and a royal blue blazer. To tackle the cold, you can get a grey scarf into the ensemble. A pair of single strap brown monks would be cool addition to this outfit.

Tonal blue outfit

For people who love challenge, you can choose to go with the blue tonal outfit. This would provide a cool and trendy outfit for the special occasions. For a summer wedding, you can style a pair of best quality royal blue dress pants with a matching jacket and a light blue dress shirt. Adding with this outfit a pair of light blue tassel loafers is a rare style but would make you instantly stand out from the crowd of standard dressers. If you are the groom then choose the Designer royal blue dress pantsor wedding royal blue slim fit dress pants for the event. It would also help if you decide on the price range beforehand. When you shop online, you can easily get the most expensive blue dress pants and also cheap priced blue dress pants, all with a click of your device.