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Burgundy Dress Pants

If you are looking for a pair of stylish pants for the fall then you should try out the burgundy dress pants. Burgundy is a derivative of red and is more on the brown spectrum. Thus it might be considered to be a bold look that can be eye catching. This is the reason most men avoid wearing burgundy dress pants but when you dress right you can easily rock this style. Thus in this article we discuss the burgundy dress pants and some tips on styling it right.

Flat Front Pant The key of perfectly rocking the look is to select the right shade of burgundy dress pants that will categorise as burgundy. Also you will have to possess a certain sense of style for properly pulling off this look. When you get the basics right burgundy dress pants is one of the easiest garments to style. It might be a little hard at the start especially when you are used to the neutral colored pants but when you get used to it, it will sure be a game changer.

The main advantage with burgundy dress pants is that you can style it with usual colors like navy, white and gray for a slightly subtle look but when you pair with brighter ones like pink, olive green and khaki then you can add a brighter outfit to your wardrobe. If you are thinking of getting burgundy dress pants then there are some things that you should note.

Burgundy striped Pant As for the material from which the burgundy dress pants are made of go with the ones that match your taste and the climate at which you are intending to use it. Go with burgundy wool dress pants for formal look. These are the ones that are most suited for winter or fall. But when it comes to hotter months like summer then it is best to go with lightweight Burgundy dress pants. Cotton burgundy dress pants are the ones that are most preferred for formal use next to the wool burgundy dress pants. For semi formal and casual use you can go with linen burgundy dress pants or seersucker burgundy dress pants. When you want a rich look then you can opt to go with luxurious ones like silk burgundy dress pants and velvet burgundy dress pants. The dark color paired with the velvet fabric will make for the best look. The sheen of the velvet burgundy dress pants will give you a rich and sophisticated look. All the above mentioned materials are natural fabrics but when it comes to cheap priced burgundy dress pants then go with synthetic ones like polyester burgundy dress pants or rayon burgundy dress pants.

After you select the material focus upon getting the right fit. The material of the burgundy dress pants tends to affect the fit of it to a certain deal. For example wool burgundy dress pants tend to have a better drape when compared with other materials.Burgundy Linen dress pants will give a slightly roomier fit because of the slightly scratchy fabric.

Burgundy Cheap Priced Pant Custom made burgundy dress pants are the ones that are most recommended when you need perfectly fitting burgundy dress pants. But the custom made pants might be a little expensive and it will not be possible for everyone to afford the price. Thus it is better to go with off the rack burgundy dress pants when you need a fitting garment on the cheaper side.

Slim fit burgundy dress pants are the ones that you need to go with when you need a formal style. For a garment that you can wear all day without feeling uncomfortable then you can go with classic fit burgundy dress pants. They are roomier when compared with the slim fit burgundy dress pants and skinny fit burgundy dress pants. Modern fit burgundy dress pants are the ones that are considered to be a versatile style.Burgundy Big and tall dress pants are the best for men who are on the bulkier side.

As for the type of burgundy dress pants the flat fronted burgundy dress pants are the best for casual trendy look while the burgundy pleated dress pants are best for both formal and casual looks. Here are some styling tips that will help you pairing the burgundy dress pants easy.

Burgundy Flat fronted dress pants paired with light blue long sleeve dress shirt and brown plaid blazer is one of the coolest smart casual look. Double pleated burgundy dress pants paired with a long sleeve dress shirt is a simple look that you can easily pull off. Single pleated burgundy dress pants paired with a cream dress shirt and an olive green shirt jacket is a nice look that is best for a casual day. The thing with pleated burgundy dress pants is that the pleats on it can expand to create more room when the wearer sits and thus creating a more comfortable fit when compared to the flat front Burgundy dress pants.

While these are the conventional styles there are also other fashionable styles like the burgundy wide leg dress pants and cuffed bottom burgundy dress pants that are trending among the younger generation. Big leg burgundy dress pants paired with white and blue striped crew neck t-shirt and white canvas high top sneakers is a perfect look for a casual day on summer. You can also add a light blue denim jacket to get a little more stylish dressed up look.

Other than solid burgundy dress pants you can also try out the patterned burgundy dress pants for a still more distinct look.Burgundy Striped dress pants paired with a white dress shirt and striped burgundy blazer and a polka dot burgundy tie is a good look even for the dressiest events like award events. Other than this you can also go with paisley burgundy dress pants and floral burgundy dress pants paired with appropriate garments to provide you with a rich and elegant look.