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Navy Blue Dress Pants

navy Washable Dress Pants Blue is one of the colors that men are most comfortable in. Of all the shades available in blue, navy blue is the one that most of us feel confident in donning. Navy blue has almost become the uniform of the office going men. It is almost impossible for navy blue to look out of place in any setting whether it be upper garments like navy blue blazer or lower garments like navy blue pants. It is possible that you already have an array of navy blue clothing in your wardrobe. But that does not mean that you will have to stick to your usual routine in dressing the navy clothing. In this article we discuss the navy blue dress pants and some innovative ways in which you can get the best out of the garment.

There are a lot of ways in which you can effectively style the navy blue pants that is eliminating the usual styles. You just have to possess the guts to experiment a little and also have some basic knowledge on styling of garments and the current trends.

navy blue Dress Slacks For navy blue dress pants to be a versatile style the fit of these pants should be perfect. You should select the fit of the navy blue pants depending on your body type. For example if you are a person of slightly bulky stature then it is best to go with slim fit navy blue pants or those which come with a straight cut. These fits will accentuate the shape of your legs without showcasing it too much. On the other hand if you are a tall and slim person then you can go with skinny fit navy blue pants. The modern fit Mens blue dress pants are the best when it comes to versatile picks. You can easily wear this fit with both formal and casual outfits. All these are pretty fitting styles but when you need a slightly roomier fit it is best to go with classic fit navy blue pants. The ultimate thing with selecting the fit is that there is no perfect recommendation and you should go with the one that you feel most comfortable and confident in. If you are not satisfied with any of the above mentioned fits you can try out the big and tall navy blue pants or the custom made navy blue pants although the latter choice might be a little costly compared with off the rack options.

As for the type of navy blue pants there are also different ones to choose from. Flat fronted navy blue pants are considered to be a dressier style when compared to the pleated navy blue pants. Single pleated navy blue pants when paired with light blue dress shirt, burgundy print tie and navy blue blazer give you a stylish tonal look for your office day. For a smart casual look you can pair the double pleated navy blue pants with a navy houndstooth blazer, navy vest and the white dress shirt. Forgo the tie by leaving the first two buttons of the dress shirt left open.

Another great advantage with blue velvet pants is that the color pairs well with almost all colors thus making the experimental styling a little easier. Flat fronted navy dress pants paired with pink check blazer, pink check vest and white dress shirt is a cool smart casual look for summer. You can also pair the navy blue dress pants with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a teal blazer for a proper elegant look.

To venture into the versatile styling of the navy blue pants you will also have to note the fabric of the navy blue pants. For example the wool navy blue pants and cotton navy blue pants are suitable for both formal and casual styles. The linen navy blue pants perform well in terms of functionality but since they tend to wrinkle easily they are mostly avoided for formal use. Instead you can use them for semi formal and casual summer events and for travelling.

 Flat Front Navy Pants Luxurious ones like silk navy blue dress pants and velvet navy blue dress pants might be a little flashy for daily office use and thus is better to be reserved for special occasions and fun parties where you don't mind standing out from the rest of the crowd because of your impeccable style choice of clothing. When you need cheap priced navy blue pants then give a try in synthetic fabrics like polyester navy blue pants and rayon navy blue pants.

 Navy Double-Pleated Slacks Other than the usual solid navy blue pants you can also give a try with patterned Dark blue dress pants for a stylish trendy look. But when you go with patterned navy blue pants you will have to style it properly by carefully picking out the garments that you pair with the navy blue pants. It is always recommended to pair the patterned navy blue dress pants with simple upper garments so as to get a balanced look. But if you opt to go with pairing it with patterned garments then make sure that the patterns do not clash with each other giving an undesirable busy look to the outfit.

Also navy blue is a dark shade and therefore you can play with the intensity of the patterns in the garment. For example you can go with black polka dot navy blue pants which will look like a solid garment from a certain distance. But when you need a bold style you can go with striped navy blue dress pants and plaid navy blue pants that manifest the patterns on it more clearly. Other than this you can also try out the trendy designs of navy blue pants available in the market like wide leg navy blue pants and cuffed bottom navy blue pants for a casual look.