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Tan Linen Pants

Mens-Gray-Color-Wool-Slack Tan is a perfect color choice for warmer weather like summer and spring. Tan suits are still accepted as a professional suit color but is good enough for smart casual looks and definitely good for casual dates or weddings. However this relaxed color is good when it comes to formal pants and even accepted as work wear when you wear them with proper shirts and jackets.

Linen is a go to choice when it comes to hot days. Like tan they are not much accepted as formal wear but there are increasing number of organisations that are relaxing their strict work wear rules thus earning linen a solid chance. Linen is the perfect summer fabric with its lightweightedness and also the conductive property which makes them naturally cool to touch. They are better than cotton when it comes to evaporating moisture fast and hence it is the best option for you to avoid sweaty backs.

One of the major things that people worry about linen when it is used as a formal wear is its creasing. Linen wrinkles very fast but if you are not the one to obsess about a little crinkle then it is not something to worry about. Linen when bought anew will have a crisp texture to it which will make them feel scratchy. But with time they become soft and acquire a lived in look that gives them a luxurious feel. They are also incredibly durable since they are from natural fabrics. They are actually from stem of the flax mens dress plants which makes their fibre long which in turn means less breakage and damage.

tan linen Pants tan linen-pants mens-dress-pants Light colors are the trademark of linen clothes but they are also available in darker shades. This may be because of the fact that linen is a summer fabric and that the lighter colors work well in brighter days. It is a known and proven fact that darker colors absorbs heat more and retain them than the lighter colors thus making them less practical in summer. Also the natural light makes the lighter colors look good while in gloomy days like in winter they pop out too much making the eye hurt.

As for linen pants it is a good choice when it comes to summer. If your workplace is cool then you can wear them as the office wear. But it is better to avoid them when it comes to very formal meetings or business conferences. White is a good color to be paired with tan. A crisp white shirt is a perfect choice but stay away from linen shirts since it can wrinkle too much. It is better to avoid pairing black or mens navy navy blue shirts with tan linen pants since it can create too much of a contrast. If for a formal setting get a button down shirt with a light colored tie and a pair of brown shoes. Apart from white you can also try other light colors like baby blue and light pink for a subtle look.