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Floral Dress Pants

Prints on garments are one thing that most men shy away from. This may be because of the fact that those men would simply dislike the style or think that it is hard to pull off. If you are in the second category then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss the floral dress pants and how best to style them.

First of all let us be clear with the fact that floral printed garments are not very hard to pull off. It sure requires a certain level of confidence but never an impossible feat. If you get the basics right and how to style it properly then you can pull off the style effortlessly. Floral pants are a bold style statement and therefore be prepared to attract a lot of stares when wearing it. Making them the stares of admiration is easy if you style the garment right.

Two-Button-Black-Velvet-Suit Dark-Grey-Slim-Fit-Pants Two-Button-Black-Velvet-Suit Pink-Color-Slim-Fit-Pants

Most of the time we use the upper garments to be the focal point of our look. Jackets and shirts always become the statement piece of the outfit. So experimenting this with the pants in itself is a fashion statement. You would have seen the floral pants making their appearance on a regular basis on the runways. All the major brands have adopted the style and are perfecting it. Here are some tips which can make you look as stunning as the model in the floral pants.

The first thing with floral dress pants is that you have to carefully curate the style so that you don't end up looking like a clown. When you are wearing the floral dress pants make sure that you style it in such a way that it doesn't look like an accident. There should be no place for awkwardness or second guessing by the people looking at your outfit.

The next thing that you will have to remember is that you should pair the garment with neutral staples that will balance out the whole look. Too many statement pieces will make you look sloppy. So when you wear your floral pants make sure that you simply swap them with your neutral chinos or jeans. Since floral pants are primarily a formal look it is best to avoid wearing them to very formal events.

Hand-Made-Black-Wool-Slack The first style is the smart casual option that you can wear for the semi formal and casual events. For this swap out your chinos or formal trousers with mens floral dress pants. You can pair this look with a blazer, a plain button down shirt and smart shoes. The floral pants must be the main attraction of the whole outfit. If you want more color into the outfit then you can add some other accessories like pocket squares and ties. Even with these accessories try to keep them neutral. As for the fabric, it is best for you to go with mens wool dress pants and tweed pants since they give you a professional look. As for the color it is best to stick to the classic ones like navy, black and gray.

The next possible look is to pair the floral pants with casual button down shirts. It is best to wear this look to the casual and smart casual events. For this look it is best to stick with light neutral colors. For example a light colored knitwear with a pale blue shirt and brown floral dress pants is a good look. As for the shoes you can wear dressy ones like brown dress loafers for a stylish look. For this look you can go with lightweight fabrics like linen floral dress pants and seersucker floral pants. For these styles you can go with options like mens checkered floral pants and mens windowpane floral pants since it gives a formal look.

mens-grey-gray-dress-pants For a more casual weekend vibe look pair them with casual t-shirts. T-shirts with floral dress pants is a good look. Floral pants with a crew neck t-shirt is an easy style that you can rock without much effort. You can complete this look with a pair of black low top sneakers. For a little more formal look you can pair mens grey gray dress pants with a white button down shirt. Since gray is a subdued color it does not stand out too much. It is the best pick for men who would like to try the floral pants style but are not willing to go all out. For this style you can pair them with red suede loafers for a more polished look. Black floral pants and dark green dress pants are also good picks. You can pair this dark colored floral pants with light colored upper garments like white crew neck t-shirt and beige shawl cardigan. Complete this casual look with a pair of navy canvas slip on sneakers.

If you want to take up your floral pants game up a notch you can pair them with a white long sleeve shirt and brown leather belt. Add on accessories like a pair of clear sunglasses, silver bracelet and navy athletic shoes. This is a perfect summer look that will for sure turn heads.

Dark-Grey-Slim-Fit-Pants Now with a more dressy pick you can pair navy floral pants with a burgundy crew neck t-shirt and brown leather biker jacket. You can add accessories like dark brown sunglasses and brown leather shoes. It will give you a badass stylish look.

Another thing that matters a lot when styling the mens floral pants is its fit. When you are styling the floral pants for any formal look it is best to go with slim fit dress pants. Men who are tall and lean can go with floral skinny dress pants. For a stylish look you can go with mens cropped floral pants. Men who are on a bulkier side can go with mens big and tall floral pants.