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Blue Linen Pants Mens

Any men with a little sartorial knowledge may know that blue is a versatile color. It is not very dull like the black and also not too sombre as the grey. Ultimately it works well with almost all skin tones and also with any color. Also they match well with any type of clothing be it formal, corporate or casual and flatter the men of all ages and body shape. It is basically the foolproof choice if you do not like to spend much time on choosing the outfits. Also the various array of shades available on this color gives rise to numerous choices.

Sky-Blue-Flat-Front-Slacks Linen is a natural fabric that is derived from the fibres of the flax plants and is said to be originally from Egyptian fields. The ancient Egyptians considered the light blue pants to be of pure origin to an extent that only their priests were allowed to wear the garments that were made of this fabric. They were mostly used to make bed covers and were the mark of the owners wealth and status since the material was fairly costly and only the upper classes could afford the soft and cool fabric at that time.

Today linen is one of the most popular summer fabric and not without good reason. They are highly breathable even better than cotton since they have lower thread count when compared to the latter. When a cotton bedsheet will have about 200 thread count a linen bed sheet of the same quality will be of only 80 to 100. The moisture absorbency rate of this summer fabric making them a ideal pick for hot and humid climates. While these fabrics evaporate the moisture fast the cotton retain it for quite some time thus making sweating a problem.

As for the durability they are more durable than cotton. Linen is mostly scratchy when bought anew but with time they will get soft and silkier to touch. This is because of the fact that the flax fibres do not stretch too much and resistant to damage thus making it abrasion free.

light-blue-pants linen-pants light-blue-pants mens dress Pants

As for very formal occasions it is better to avoid the linen fabric since they naturally lean towards the casual side. But if it is for daily wear then it is better to use linen dress shirt. Also if it is for casual occasions like summer parties or weddings it is best to go with linen suits. It is always better to go with lighter colors like light blue, tan, beige or off white when it comes to linen pants since it is a summer wear.

You can also wear them as separates for a more versatile option. Blue linen pants mensare a good option when it comes to formal wear. The main thing to note while selecting the linen pants mens is their shade. If you are picking them for a formal occasion like for office wear or meetings then go with darker shades of blue. If for casual events like weddings then go with more lighter or brighter shades.