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Sliver Dress Pants

Shinny Silver Pant When you need an outfit that stands out from the usual then you should try out sliver dress pants. The flashy style is usually avoided by men with them sticking to black, navy and gray. But give it a try to know the advantageous look you get from it. In this article we discuss the sliver dress pants and some tips on how to style them the best.

Sliver has always had a place in men's fashion even through not much in clothing. As for accessories men seem to have a general inclination to sliver when compared with gold. This may be due to the flashy and eye catching look that the yellow metal offers. Sliver on the other hand is more of a subtle style that indicates the everyday life. Sliver is also considered to be the modern color with the younger generation turning more towards the sliver style compared to the gold. The advent of sliver into the clothing started with the metal pop bands springing up and a whole generation of pop culture had its start. These popular pop stars wore Mens velvet dress pants and jackets which soon became famous among the people.

As a color sliver is known to indicate wealth, modernity and elegance. The color being reflective is also known to be a mirror of the soul. It has a high regard and is viewed as one of the most distinguishable colors available. Sliver can give you an elegant and sophisticated look. If you are thinking of getting linen pants then here are some things that will help you in the process.

Sliver dress pants are extremely versatile given that the shade that you choose is of the right type. The reflective nature of the corduroy pants should be carefully chosen so that you do not look like a person straight out of metal concert unless you really are. If the reflection of your face shows on the sliver dress pants then know that you are overdoing the concept. Thus tone down the shininess a little bit and go with subtle muted shades. You can also opt to go with mixed ones like sliver dress pants with a slight blend of gray. When you decide on the shade make sure that you keep the purpose of the sliver dress pants in mind.

After you decide on the shade of the pleated dress pants you can think on deciding the material from which the garment is made of. The lower garments should feel comfortable to be in and thus make sure you select the right type of fabric. The natural fabrics are mostly recommended since the synthetic ones like polyester sliver dress pants and rayon sliver dress pants are not comfortable like the natural fabrics. But when you need cheap priced sliver dress pants then you can opt for synthetic sliver dress pants.

As for formal look you can opt to go with wool sliver dress pants. You can pair the wool sliver dress pants with a white check long sleeve shirt navy blazer and a navy striped tie. You can complete the outfit with a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. The wool sliver dress pants are soft and comfortable to wear. They also can drape easily making for good fits. But the wool pants may start to feel stuffy in the warmer seasons especially if they are of proper fit.

Sharkskin Flashy Dress Slack For the warmer seasons like summer and spring you can go with lightweight ones like cotton sliver dress pants. They are lighter than wool and can be used for both formal and casual purposes. Cotton sliver dress pants paired with black polo and white bomber jacket is an easy look with a classic twist. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown suede Oxford shoes. But if you are looking for a casual summer garment then you should go with linen sliver dress pants. A gray crew neck t-shirt paired with navy denim shirt and Flat front slack is a cool summer style to boast. For a little more casual look you can simply pair a light pink chambray shirt with linen sliver dress pants. Other than these you can also try out the silk sliver dress pants and velvet sliver dress pants when you need a truly flashy look.

Sliver is undoubtedly on the lighter end of the color spectrum and thus it is better to style them for warmer months like summer and spring. The light nature of the sliver dress pants might attract too much attention in winter or fall and thus it is better to keep that in mind while purchasing the sliver dress pants.

Silver Gray Wide Pants As for the type of sliver dress pants flat front sliver dress pants paired with white long sleeve dress shirt and white canvas low top sneakers is a perfect look for casual beach party. Single mens shiny pants paired with a white dress shirt and navy double breasted blazer is a sharp formal look. For a smart casual look you can work the double pleated sliver dress pants with a gray turtleneck and charcoal wool blazer. Cuffed bottom sliver dress pants paired with brown crew neck sweater and olive quilted gilet is a confident style. You can add a pair of dark brown suede desert boots to give a classier twist to the outfit. Other than this there are new styles like wide leg sliver dress pants and big leg sliver dress pants that are recently trending among the younger generation.

As for the fit of the sliver dress pants make sure you go with the one that you feel most comfortable in. Slim fit sliver dress pants and classic fit sliver dress pants are the two most common off the rack fits available. For perfectly fitting pants you should try out the skinny fit sliver dress pants. If you want a versatile style then try modern fit sliver dress pants. If on the bulkier side try big and tall sliver dress pants.