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Mens Red Dress Pants

Wearing Red Dress Pants can be considered as dashing and wild by many men, and for this reason they tend to stay away from colored pants. However, Red Dress Pants are virtually very trendy and uber cool. They can be sported with confidence and ease by everyone. There really are no reasons to avoid Red Dress Pants. Mens Red Dress Pants are usually colored denims or cotton pants, which lie more on the casual side than on the formal or dressy sides. If the pants are made of pure cotton, they are the best choice for Spring- Summer season, and they have a huge versatility of being dressier and trendier than Jeans. They can be worn anywhere from a weekend holiday to a business casual setting, when they are paired with the right shirts and accessories that create the right look. Red jeans are usually distinguished by their visible stitching on both the outside and inside leg seams whereas red trouser pants are normal pants, except that they are red in color.


Colored chinos have a lower rise than the regular denim pants with slim tapered legs, and hence they are meant to create nice trim lines with a flattering effect. The most important thing about the Red Dress Pants is definitely the fit as the entire charm of the look lies in the fit. Colored pants usually come in various fits like skinny, slim, classic, relaxed and loose. Pick the one that best suits your body type, your fitness level and your desire for comfort. However, if you opt for red chino pants, go for the slim fit Mens Red Dress Pants. This is because, the tighter the colored jeans, the more casual it is considered to be. But if you go for red trouser pants, you can experiment with various other fit styles. Despite the type of fit, you should ensure that your Red Dress Pants aren't baggy around the hips and have no excess fabric in the raise. Flat fronts are best for slimmer guys and pleated fronts look good on heavier guys as they streamline the extra pounds. Slimmer legs offer a sleeker look and your Red Dress Pants look the best when they are well fitting. While shopping for your Red Dress Pants, you definitely have to try it out before selecting one. Wear the pants and consider it from all angles. Try to raise your knees, and bend down touching your toes to make sure you can move comfortably in them. Your pants are supposed to be stretchy, flexible, comfortable and breathable. However, the pants cannot be skintight because otherwise they create an imbalance, making the footwear look heavy and large. Dark red goes well with wider or more muscular legs as it creates an illusion of length. Lighter Red Dress Pants are perfect for slimmer legs.

red pants

STYLE TIPS Mens Red Dress Pants

  • • Red chinos go best with Oxford shirts, chambray shirts or a bold patterned shirt of spring- summer collection.
  • • Red denims go well with casual staples like long sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, cardigans and hooded shirts to create a trendy look.
  • • Make sure that you don't pair the pants with too dressy shirts and ties, formal shoes, smart blazers or suit jackets as they are not very apt in creating a formal look.
  • • For a night out, you can sport a white button-down shirt and a striped skinny tie along with your red denims.
  • • Pair them with a fitted cotton dress shirt or gingham shirt with a cotton tie or even a fun plaid bow-tie under a blazer make a good party wear.
  • • You can also pair them with casual shirts, waistcoats long sleeve polo shirts and crew neck jumpers, dress shirts, ties and formal shoes.
  • • The boots that you wear with your Red Dress Pants should be slim and low profile to keep the focus on the pants.
  • • Accessorize stylishly with beanies, aviator or nerd glasses, beaded necklaces and charmed bracelets, thin strapped belts with complementing colors and funky buckles, fun sneakers or a vintage style military boots, hats which have red colored bands.
  • • For a business casual setting, you can wear a light colored striped or checkered shirt and a tie with the red trousers.