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Mens Burgundy Dress Pants

Men have the distinction of looking groomed no matter what they are wearing in public. Seeing them on the street in a mens burgundy dress pants can make a woman take a second glance. The pants always seem to frame the body well, furthermore along with those swarthy good looks who can blame them.

mens-seersucker-pants The secret seems to be in the cut and the fabrics of the pants they wear. Chinos and linen fabrics give a casual and comfortable fit that is great for everyday wear. Cashmere and Merino wools in mens burgundy dress pants are a favorite for more formal occasions. Men like a fitted look that accents the shoulders and the waist even in their relaxed streetwear. It seems they prefer colors that reflect the climate as well as contrast their skin tones.

If the occasion is an everyday event, you will see men in open-collared or cotton dress shirts under their blazers with burgundy dress pants. Appearing relaxed and comfortable is common down to the wrinkles in their linen wear. Pant lengths also appear to end just above the shoe top with or without cuffs.

Men often work at creating their own unique look. They often like burgundy dress pants with suits in a light wool with checks, plaids or flecks of contrasting colors. Some may or may not wear a tie, even in business attire. short pants suit act as a substitute for more formal neckwear.


Broad lapels on mens tweed suit jackets are sometimes folded up around the neck when wearing a collarless shirt or knit sweater. An unbuttoned jacket can frame a third suit piece vest with a matching or a subtle contrasting fabric.

The men are known for their well-made leather shoes featuring famous designers. Loafers, monk, and oxford designs can lend themselves to finish off the casual or formal attire. In casual attire, socks are optional especially if the skin has a nice golden tan.

mens Mens-Lavender-Dress-pants With couture burgundy dress pants for men, mens seersucker pants made of embroidered silks can be seen in shop windows and high-end events. Normally the rule of thumb is to stay neutral in the wardrobe colors and fabrics, but it can be fun to step it up a notch for special occasions.

Once known for loud patterns and colors, men now like all natural fabrics with a mix and match neutral tone color palette of tans, whites, and grays. They like their clothes and dress pants to fit well, but not binding.