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Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedos are formal garments that we tend to wear for special occasions like weddings and other important events. While the basic structure of the tuxedo is similar to that of the normal suit what makes the tuxedo special are the details. There are some intricate details that might not make a big difference to a man not interested much in fashion. In this article we discuss the tuxedo pants and what details make them stand apart from that of the usual dress pants.

Mens tuxedo pant The tuxedo pants differ on small aspects when compared to the usual dress pants. If you go with the vintage traditional styles of the tuxedo pants they usually do not have belt loops present on it. Sometimes these tuxedo pants come with waist adjusters that will allow the wearer to tighten or loosen the garment near the waist. But the major difference that sets apart the tuxedo pants is the presence of satin stripes on the outseams of the pants on both sides. This satin or grosgrain stripe provision is put in place to match the satin facings of the lapels on the tuxedo jacket. This is an important detail to note since this satin stripe provision is not present on the usual dress pants.

This satin stripe style on the tuxedo pants traces back it's history to the military wear. The military uniforms were the first ones to use these stripes so that they cover the seams of the pants thus achieving a clean look. Soon the trend caught on and the tuxedo pants also came with the stripes but these stripes were faced with satin so that they match the formality of the tuxedo. If you have a tuxedo then you would also have the tuxedo pants with you. While most of us know that you can style the tuxedo jacket as separates it might be new to some that tuxedo pants also can be styled as separates. Now if don't have one already but thinking of getting one of these tuxedo pants for yourself then here are some tips that might help you in the process.

One main thing that you will have to note when getting the tuxedo pants is the fit of it. Since the tuxedo is a formal garment extra care should be taken so that the tuxedo pants that you get is of the perfect look to deliver an impeccable style. Depending on the type of tuxedo you are going with the fit of the tuxedo pants might also change. For example if you are going with the vintage tuxedo with tails look then you should always opt to go with tuxedo high waist pants. These pants will start at the high waist of the wearer and should be worn thus since the high waist of the tuxedo pants will help the wearer with the tapered waist look. Also because of these high waisted pants the wearer appears to have long legs which is a bonus point.

Mens wool pant Now for the usual shorter tuxedo style that we have now you can go with the off the rack options. Slim fit tuxedo pants are the ones that are most recommended for short and slim men. For a still more fitting look you can opt to go with the skinny fit tuxedo pants. Men who want to have some room for the pants and go with the comfortable fit can choose classic fit tuxedo pants.

When it comes to the comfort factor of the tuxedo pants the material from which it is made of also plays an important role. Tuxedo Wool pants are a good choice when you need a perfectly fitting formal style. This is because of the fact that the wool fabric tends to drape nicely when compared to other fabrics. When you need a lightweight style then you can go with cotton tuxedo pants and tuxedo linen pants. These natural fabric tuxedo pants will give the wearer a comfortable garment that you can wear even throughout the day.

Now if you are styling the tuxedo pants for a special occasion you can choose to go with luxurious ones like silk tuxedo pants or tuxedo velvet pants. These will give a rich and sophisticated look to the wearer making you stand out from the crowd. For a cheaper budget go with synthetic ones like polyester tuxedo pants and rayon tuxedo pants. These pants will be cheaper but they cannot offer the same level of comfort and durability as their natural fabric counterparts.

The type of tuxedo pants that you choose also plays a major part in the look that it gives.For example tuxedo flat front pants have a stylish look since they give the wearer a slim silhouette. These plain front tuxedo pants come without any pleats and have a trendy look that you can wear to semi formal and casual events. When you need a slightly roomier garment then we advise you to go with pleated tuxedo pants. Single pleated tuxedo pants and double pleated tuxedo pants are available in the market and you can choose the one which you feel most comfortable in.

Other than the usual styles of tuxedo pants you can go with the patterned ones. Pinstripe tuxedo pants are one of the most popular styles that are now being the trend among men of younger generation. For a bolder style you can go with chalk stripe tuxedo pants.

Another major thing to note is the color of the tuxedo pants. Going with the right color means that you choose the one that is best for pairing with different garments. Black tuxedo pants are the first recommendation since they are the most versatile choice that you can find in the market. Other than this you can go with navy tuxedo pants or the charcoal gray tuxedo pants which you can pair with the formal garments easily. For dressier styles you can go with burgundy tuxedo pants or sharkskin tuxedo pants which can be styled for important events.