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Olive Dress Pants

When we talk about dress pants most of us instantly think about the dark blue or charcaol dress pants that adorn our formal wardrobe. But it is already time that we venture out to go with other colors than these usual two. The main requirement for the formal dress pants is that they should be dark and subtle. Olive pants are the best recommendation that tick all the boxes. It is a versatile option which is also easy to style. In this article we discuss the styling tips that will make you get a pair of olive dress pants fast.

Olive Wool Pant The main thing in which olive dress pants score a lot is the shade. Green is usually avoided by men deeming it too hard to style. But with olive the shade is dark and hence can be easily worn to any formal setting. Also it gives you a distinct style that will make you stand out among the crowd of usual black and navy dress pants. Olive is considered to be almost a neutral shade and thus can be paired with most colors easily. The rich shade of the olive dress pants will give you a elegant look.

As for styling the olive pants you can wear it in almost all seasons but they look the best in winter and fall. The gloomy nature of these seasons blend in well with the dark shade of the olive pants and thus will provide you with a blended look. They also look great in summer and spring but in these seasons you can pair them with garments of brighter and lighter colors thus getting a balanced look. If you are thinking of purchasing the olive pants then here are some points that you will have to remember. The first thing you will have to note with bottom garments especially the formal ones is the comfort. This is because of the fact that you will wear these garments throughout the day and thus will have to feel comfortable in it.

The fabric from which the olive pants are made from greatly influences the comfort factor. So make sure you get the premium quality olive pants so that you will have a comfortable and trendy garment. As mentioned before olive pants are mostly used in winter and fall and these seasons are slightly cold. For this you can choose to go with wool olive pants. They are soft and comfortable to wear and is also available in different weights. But when you need a lightweight formal garment then you can try out the cotton olive pants. They are lighter and more breathable than the wool dress pants and thus better for summer and spring use.

Wideleg Olive Pant When you need a smart casual style then we recommend you to go with olive linen dress pants. They have better moisture wicking characteristics than the cotton dress pants but they wrinkle easily which is why they are avoided for formal use. Synthetic ones like polyester olive dress pants and rayon olive pants may be on the category of olive cheap priced dress pants but they do not have the comfort and softness of the natural fabrics.

As for styling the olive dress pants here are some ideas that we think will help you through. Plain olive pants paired with gray dress shirt and tan plaid blazer is a indisputable look. Complete the look with a pair of black leather casual boots. For a smart casual look that is also functional you can simply pair the olive pants with a white long sleeve dress shirt and black leather casual boots. When you need a little dressier look you can add a navy trench coat to the above outfit.

The fit of the olive dress pants matter a lot when you are styling the outfit. olive Slim fit dress pants are the ones that are most preferred for formal use. When you need a stylish trendy look you can try out the skinny fit olive pants. People who like a versatile garment should go with modern fit olive pants. When you need a roomier fit when compared to all the above fits then try out the classic fit olive pants. The main thing that you should have in mind while selecting the fit of the olive pants is the comfort. If you are not satisfied with any of the above fits then try going with olive big and tall dress pants.

Slim fit olive pants paired with navy turtleneck and dark brown biker jacket is a cool winter look. For a blended look pair it with dark brown suede loafers. For a casual yet stylish look you can pair the navy sweatshirt with skinny fit olive dress pants. For a casual day at office you can pair the classic fit olive pants with blue dress shirt and navy blazer. For a summer wedding look you can pair the olive green dress pants with white dress shirt and a beige blazer. Complete the look with a pair of brown leather low top sneakers.

Pleated Olive Pant Olive Green Tartan Slack Double pLeated Pant

As for the type olive flat front dress pants are best for casual use while the pleated olive dress pants are best for formal use. Single pleated olive pants paired with white turtleneck and beige shawl cardigan is a outfit to inject rugged elegance to your outfit collection. olive Double pleated dress pants paired with navy hoodie gives a simple yet efficient outfit. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

When you try out the casual styles you can experiment a little. For example olivewide leg dress pants paired with gray hoodie and a gray crew neck sweater is a effortlessly stylish look. olive Striped dress pants and olive plaid dress pants can also be easily styled. olive Cuffed bottoms dress pants paired with light blue print long sleeve dress shirt is a practical menswear look.