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Mens Velvet Dress Pants

Velvet isn't a material that isn't often in the mens shopping list. Today we are here to recommend you to try adding mens velvet dress pants to your clothing collection. Most of us are satisfied with our wool and cotton clothing while most of us shy away from the velvet styles. This is because of the fact that we consider velvet to be a flashy style and one that is not very easy to pull off. But learn how to style it right and you will find that the mens velvet dress pants also are quite versatile and give you a lot of styles to choose.

Mens-Dark-Brown-Velvet Mens-Burgundy-Color-Velvet-Pant

If you would have asked as about 10 to 15 years before we would also have snorted at the idea of velvet dress pants being jn every man's wardrobe. Velvet is indeed a fussy fabric and can attract a lot of attention. Thus it would not be practical to everyone to use the style especially at the time when anything other than black and navy were considered casual. But the fashion world has evolved a great deal from that time and now men are trying out new styles and better yet liking them. This shift in the mindset has made it possible for the velvet dress pants too be a casual style that can be added to almost any man's wardrobe. Another thing is that the women's fashion world has always been a pace faster than the men's. This is also the same with the velvet garments since women have moved on to the phase of wearing velvet clothing as a regular day style without earning weird glances. Though we have not reached that stage yet it is a process in making but now you can definitely style the mens velvet dress pants for the special occasions.

Velvet dress pants aren't much different from the wool dress pants but they offer a much more sophisticated and dress up vibe for the outfit. Thus the event for which you wear the velvet dress pants matter a lot. You cannot simply wear them for your regular office day and there are quite a few events for which you can style the garment. Dinner events and the fun ones where you want to look dressed up are the ones that will match the vibe of the velvet dress pants outfit.

Mens-Burgundy-Color-Velvet-Pant We will later talk about events where the mens velvet dress pants outfit will work but there is another argument that we want to address. It is true that the time of the year that you dress affects the look of the outfit and thus you should select the fabrics and color of the outfit depending on the season of the year. As for velvet dress pants there are various styles available and you can choose the one that will suit your requirements. There are crushed velvet and there are lightweight ones. You can also choose to go with the blends of the materials for the mens velvet dress pants. Usually the velvet linen wool pants are the ones that are most recommended since it would give you a resemblance of formal style to a degree.

But if you are getting the velvet dress pants style for the first time then it would be better for you to go with the fall outfits. The sheen offered by the velvet garments would easily work for the fall time and you can pair them with a turtleneck or a simple sweater. If you are styling the outfit for the velvet fabric dress pants for the dinner events that usually happen in the evenings then you can try going with pairing the garment with the velvet smoking jacket or dinner jacket whichever is close to your taste.

Mens-Brown-Velvet-Pant Coming back to the events for which you can wear the velvet dress slacks without earning some weird glances the first one would be obviously the dinner events. Where better to dress up until you want to attend a posh event that usually comes with a dress code. For these black tie events there might be a dress code involved and velvet would be perfect in these cases. For example if a black tie dress code is mentioned you would be required to wear a black tuxedo. But the problem with this is that the whole crowd is going to show up in black tuxedo and there aren't many options to show variations. In that case you can choose to style the black velvet dinner jacket with a velvet black dress pants. When you pair this outfit with black velvet slippers then you would definitely end up with a impressive outfit that is within the dress code regulations but also unique in its own sense.

The next event for which you can consider going with the velvet dress mens pants is the weddings. This is the perfect choice for the event especially if you are the groom. Velvet dress pants are the perfect choice for men to stand out from the rest in the subtle way. Here are some outfits that have caught our eyes and we think would be good if you take inspiration from. For a simple yet impressive style you can choose to style the velvet flat front pants with a white tuxedo shirt, paisley tuxedo jacket and then a black bow tie. To give the outfit a perfect finish add with it a pair of black leather horsebit loafers.

When you are dressing for a casual event and don't mind standing out go with the brighter colors like red velvet dress pants and such. The fit of the velvet dress pants is another thing to note since you will need to focus to find the right one. velvet Slimfit dress pants would be a great choice for most people but when you want a more comfortable and versatile style then you can choose to go with the modern fit velvet pants.