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Mens Wool Waistcoat

The newest trend in mens formalwear is the mens wool waistcoats. For a long time, we have been seeing the increase in the use of the suits. What once had been a strictly formal style has now become a versatile style that can be used for any type of events. While the basics remain the same, there have been changes in mens suits style and inclusion of the mens wool waistcoats seems to be the latest obsession. The waistcoat is in no way a new style since the three piece suit style has been in use for over centuries now. The mens wool waistcoats style has been in and out of trend all these years. Know more about the styling of the mens wool waistcoats by reading the article further.

It is almost impossible for a person to not know what a waistcoat is but you might have known the garment by the name vest. Originally the waistcoats were worn with the suits and other formal garments but now it has become a versatile style that you can pair with almost anything. While getting the wool waistcoats there are a few things that you should note. The quality of the fabric along with the style of the garment and fit are the most important things to note. When you want a style that is impressive and want it to last for a long time then we would suggest you to choose the mens designer wool waistcoats. But if you consider the price to be too high then you can choose to go with the cheap wool black waistcoats but make sure that the quality of the fabric is acceptable.

You could check out the mens wool waistcoat shops, go through the styles available and then find the one that suits your need. To find these stores you could use search options like mens wool waistcoats near me or mens wool waistcoats for sale. Some people still like to visit the stores to get the garments. In that case make sure that you try on the style to check the fit. The waistcoats must fit you perfectly and if not it can mess with the whole outfit.

Styling of the waistcoats

The wool waistcoats are the most preferred choice among men and they are mostly used with the formal garments. Wool has a good drape that makes the outfit look neat and this is the requirement for the workwear. The usual choice would be to style the wool waistcoats with the wool suits but you could also try mix and match – mens wool tweed waistcoats with wool suits and vice versa. It all depends on your taste and how much you are ready to experiment with the styles.

As for the styling, there are different ways in which you could make the mens wool waistcoats work. One reason why the waistcoat style came into the limelight is because of the celebrities loving the style. There were suddenly an influx of both the male and female celebrities showing up with waistcoats in their outfits and the rest is history. Thus we consider it to be a good choice to look to the celebrities to provide us inspiration on the mens wool waistcoat outfits. Here are some celebrity styles that we consider are quite impressive.


You might be accustomed to seeing the rappers with the leather jackets and gold chains but Jay-Z goes a different way with his style. The man was seen looking all classy in an ensemble of white dress shirt paired with a black tie, white mens vintage wool gray waistcoat and then matching white dress pants. He perfectly completed the look with a pair of black leather shoes. If you are looking for a formal and classy style then this would be a great choice for you. For a more formal and serious look, you could style the white dress shirt with a burgundy polka dot tie, charcoal wool waistcoat and then a pair of charcoal dress pants. To give the outfit a more laid back look, you could add with it a pair of black socks and black leather Oxford shoes.

Orlando Bloom

With the Lord of the Rings prequel announcement, it is time to reminisce on the stunning look of Orlando Bloom in the series. The actor never failed to impress us both with his acting and fashion. Even on an off duty day, the actor was not slacking in his fashion. He was sporting a white long sleeve shirt which he paired with a navy wool vest mens western and then a pair of charcoal grey jeans. He rounded off the look by adding a pair of white leather sneakers and a beige hat. If you are loving the rugged western style then you could style the navy plaid long sleeve shirt with a grey mens casual wool red waistcoat, grey shirt Jacket and a pair of navy jeans. A pair of tan suede Chelsea boots would give more style to the outfit.

Will always is known for his unique and bold choices in fashion. If you are a person who likes to experiment once in a while with your outfits then Will is the best inspiration. For the kids choice awards event that he attended, the man was seen wearing a black v neck t-shirt with a tartan mens wool waistcoats, matching tartan blazer and a pair of black chinos. These are some of the contemporary styles that you can check out given that you are interested.

David Beckham

It might be hard to leave out David Beckham when the conversation is about waistcoats. The English footballer is known for his impeccable fashion sense and his love for waistcoats is unmistakable. If you are looking for elegant styles then you should take some lessons from him. You could start with the dark colors like black wool waistcoat mens and then progress on with the lighter ones like the mens wool waistcoat brown.