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Mens Rayon Blazer

Rayon fabric is used in almost all our textile applications from suiting to sportswear. Rayon is one of the most versatile fabrics that have the properties of silk, cotton and wool. This made them most familiar to use it in a blazer. Rayon gained its popularity in blazer due to the affordable price and the gleam it offers. Blazers are the versatile garment that can immediately spruce up your look within seconds. Whatever the clothing you wear, a blazer will suit every type of clothes when paired accordingly. Blazers are the trendy wear which can be matched with jeans, dress pants and chinos to have a smart look. When you are looking for a low cost blazer, you can pick a rayon blazer without any second thought. Here is everything you need when you want to buy a perfect rayon blazer.

Ivory 2 Button Blazer Rayon is the natural fabric which undergoes many chemical processes to attain the final product. There are different types available in rayon. So choosing the proper rayon plays a major role in staying comfortable. Rather than other types of rayon, you can opt for a viscose rayon. It has the breathable and moisture absorbent properties that make it a regular choice for casual and athletic wear. Blazers are the jacket that gained more popularity in recent years to offer a look we desire. It can be easily dressed up or down according to the event.

Rayon blazers are generally preferred for a casual event where you don't need to hesitate in showing off your styling skills. Going with different colors will upgrade your look and will give a refreshing vibe to your wardrobe. The most neglected and underestimated colors in men's wardrobe are aqua, lime green, mint green and so on. When you are looking for perfect beach wedding guest attire, be sure to go with an aqua rayon blazer. Balance the dressy attire with a dark grey t-shirt and charcoal grey pants.

From wedding to prom, choose a rayon paisley blazer to grab attention. The patterns and details in the paisley blazer will add extra points to our getup. Paisley rayon blazer comes in different color combinations and patterns, so choose your favourite blazer to shine in the crowd. You can use this blazer as a sport coat to provide eye-catching attire. It is easy to achieve a street style fashion in bright and bold colored blazers. The lime green rayon blazer paired with light brown sweater and black ripped jeans are totally worth adding in your casual collection. Complete this combination with a pair of white athletic shoes for a dapper look. The rayon red blazer and rayon orange blazer will give a laid-back ensemble when finished off with white chinos. Don't forget to add the appropriate shoes. Over the decade, many new parties like summer, backyard and BBQ parties were introduced. So we need something new for every occasion. If you are done with a regular boring suit or blazer, you can try rayon gold blazer and silver rayon blazer. Try this year something flashy to have a blast in your parties. You can't afford to buy suits for all sorts of parties, so going in a fancy outfit will grab everyone's attention in your significant moment. When you are the host of the party, dress up in a gold rayon blazer with black satin lapel to have sophisticated attire. According to the theme, you can also go with a rayon silver blazer and black dress pants to have an elegant look in casual attire.

Mens Brown Blazer Light Blue Rayon Blazer Royal Blue Blazer

Men usually go with neutral shades to be on the safer side. For a smart casual look, combine a rayon black blazer with denim jean pants to have a casually cool outfit. This combination is easy to pull together but will give a surprisingly stunning look. Ramp up your getup with a pair of denim blue loafers and white crew neck t-shirt to have a dapper look. Men always go crazy over blue clothing; often all the men's closet will have at least four to five pairs of blue garments. Blue is one of the colors that never goes out of style. Pairing a blue rayon blazer with light blue shirt and navy pants is super easy to pull together to have an elegant ensemble. If you are tired of your regular suit, dress up in a rayon blazer to create a new impact for your daily office routine. The smart pairing of rich shades with black pants will add sophistication to your work wear attire. Maroon, burgundy and wine are some of the luxurious colors that will help you to look on-trend and provide a ready to go outfit. It offers a great outfit when you need to go for a business meeting and for running errands. Combining a rayon burgundy blazer with black pants and shirts will derive a seriously stylish ensemble. For an extra dose of style, add a pair of black leather double monks to the equation. You can also style your rayon brown blazer with dark brown pants for a more refined look.

Blazers play a main role in winter. Layering with proper clothes will give comfort in winter. Pair a rayon blazer with a sweater to provide you warmth and add modern spin to your getup. As winter is gloomy, cold and dark. It is not always necessary to dress up in dark clothes. Blazers in light shades will create a fun vibe with a polished look. Dressing up in light color is so easy and will give a surprisingly cool outfit. When you find it difficult to make a fashionable statement in your casual outfit, go for a rayon white blazer and navy blue chinos. This is the perfect way to introduce a hint of style into your off-duty ensemble. Go for a double-breasted blazer when you need sporty attire. Show off your skill in men's fashion by combining a rayon tan blazer and dark brown pants. Finish off this ensemble with a pair of brown canvas shoes for an athletic vibe.