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Men's Ivory Blazer

When we say blazers most of you would be ready with the navy blazers that you definitely will have in your wardrobe. But though these are a necessity today we have come to convince you to get a more unconventional style when compared to the navy blazers. Ivory blazers are not a very common style in most mens wardrobe and this has to change since it is a very versatile style. Ivory blazers lie close to the white blazers in the color spectrum and this is the reason that most men tend to avoid the style. Bright colors make the men hesitate and ivory does just that. But it is already time to step out of this bubble and try out the ivory Men's blazers this summer or spring.

In recent times the office dress codes have become quite relaxed and thus you will not be penalised or even given a second glance when to wear something different. Thus you can definitely wear something like ivory Men's blazer occasionally to showcase your diverse sartorial choices. But if you are still self conscious about the light colored garment then you can reserve the style for the semi formal and casual events where you don’t have to account for anything you wear. Also the blazer is more casual and stylish than the full suit and thus would help you in more occasions than you might think it is capable of.

Floral Blazer Because of the light color ivory Men's blazer is often treated as a casual style and thus we will address it just like that. Ivory Men's blazer when styled right can give you a dapper and cool look that can easily become the favorite of men who like the experiment with their choices. Now if you are thinking of getting the ivory mens blazer? or have one already in your wardrobe but do not have much idea on the styling department then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the ways in which you can put the ivory Men's blazer jacket to good use.

Believe us when we say ivory can be formal

Though ivory Men's blazers are often treated as casual style they can also provide a great look for the formal events when you style them right. The combining garments are the ones that matter the most and make sure that you pick out the best ones. For example if you are attending a dinner event and have the sudden urge to ditch the black tuxedo then you can choose to style the men’s ivory tuxedo blazer with a white tuxedo dress shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. If you are a vintage style lover and want to infuse some of that style into the ivory tuxedo blazer dress outfit then you can add a pair of black and white wingtip dress shoes.

Cream Blazer If it isn’t a dinner event but rather a summer wedding and you are the groom then you can go with a dressier and more trendy look. Usually for people who love the formal and classic look we would recommend to go with the 3 piece ivory Men's blazer outfit. You can choose a matching vest or a contrasting one according to your taste. If the vested ivory Men's blazer look is not to your liking then you can go with the simple 2 piece ivory Men's blazer look but make it special.

Ivory blazer and smart casual look

This is a territory that blends in well with ivory Men's blazer and thus you need not put too much effort into it. For a casual summer day outfit that you can even sport to your regular office day you can style the men’s ivory linen blazer with a white and navy gingham dress shirt and navy skinny jeans. Do not ruin the ivory blazer slimfit outfit by adding with it a tie. Instead keep the casual look alive with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Other than this you can also style the ivory color blazer with a white short sleeve shirt and khaki dress pants. Dark brown suede loafers will be useful to pull together the look of this whole outfit. For a more fashionable and cool look you can style the ivory blazer dress with a white long sleeve shirt and brown cargo pants. This would be a cool off duty look when paired with dark brown leather low top sneakers. While these outfits can be casual to look they would still pass for the semi formal events and thus would benefit you a great deal.

Velvet Tuxedo Cool casual ivory blazer looks

Summer and spring are seasons when the invitations for the parties and fun events pour in non stop. Ivory blazer would be a great look for these events and you can choose from the different styles available the best one available for you.

If you are dressing for prom then you will have to dress perfect for your possibly first adult night. Styling the ivory silk blazer with a white dress shirt, black pocket square and black slimfit dress pants would be a perfect look for these events. Complement the look with black leather loafers. If it is a cocktail event then you can rock a flashier look and for this our recommendation is to style the ivory satin blazer dress with a black silk dress shirt and black slimfit dress pants. You can also go with the velvet blazer but remember that velvet looks better when it is of a darker color. Instead you can choose to style the satin ivory blazer outfit with a black velvet dress loafers.

Now if you are looking for a weekend party type look then you should try going with the ivory sequin blazer dress or ivory ?leather blazer which would definitely turn some curious eyes on you. While you go with these flashier styles it would be better to choose simpler combining garments so that the outfit does not look too busy.