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When it comes to menswear we tend to ignore some of the colors all together and stick with the neutral shades like gray and black. This is because of the fact that these neutral shades are the safest choices and makes the styling easier. Anything that has a little more color to it had been viewed with caution but thankfully men are starting to try out new styles and being more open towards the bright colors. In this article we discuss about the mens mustard blazers and why you should consider adding one of these to your wardrobe collection this season.

As mentioned before colored outfits in itself make the men hesitate and when it comes to the bright ones like yellow it has got no chance. But what men tend to forget is that yellow does not necessarily mean the bright one that mind conjures up on hearing the word and instead there are a lot of shades in it for you to choose from. Thus the type of outfit depends on the shade of the yellow that you choose and for this you should consider the nature of the event that you are attending.

If you are a conventional dresser then you would love to start out with a more subdued shade and for this you can choose to go with mustard blazers. For people who are new to this particular shade we are obliged to explain. Mustard as in color refers to the dark or dull shade of yellow and the name comes from the culinary known as mustard since it is also of the same color. If you consider the yellow blazers to be too bright or inappropriate for the event that you are attending then it is best to go with these mens blazers. These blazers will offer you a much toned down look which makes the outfit look more formal.

Mustard Blazer Nonetheless yellow and all the shades of yellow are considered to be bright in nature and thus it is mostly recommended for you to style these blazers in the summer and spring. The blazers because of their dull tint might work for the autumn too but the key lies in properly styling the outfit. The fabric from which the blazers are made influence the durability and also the comfort of the wearer. Choose the fabric wisely keeping in mind how you are going to style the garment. For example when you are looking for formal blazer that you can occasionally style as office attire then it would be best for you to go with mustard wool blazer or in case of light weight styles mustard cotton blazers would work. But when you need a mustard casual blazer that you can wear to occasions like beach parties and such then you can go with mustard linen blazer or seersucker mustard blazer. The silk blazers and velvet blazers are usually recommended when people are looking for luxurious eye catching styles. When you need a cheaper style then go with synthetic ones like polyester blazers or rayon blazers.

While the blazers can be a style statement in itself you need to style them with appropriate combining garments for the outfit to work on the whole. The mustard blazers can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe and you can style them with both formal and casual garments to achieve different types of look. Here are some of the ideas that we think can help you for styling the blazers when you decide to get one for yourself.

Yellow on the whole is considered to be on the warmer side of the color spectrum and whole you select the combining garments for the blazers it would be best for you to choose the complementary ones. Our first recommendation for you will be teaming mustard blazers with black combining garments. Black pairs well with almost all colors but the brighter and pastel ones look the best when paired with black. Thus when you are going with slightly bright blazers then pair them with black combining garments. For example when you need a dapper and sophisticated look it would be best for you to go with pairing the single breasted blazer with a black silk dress shirt and black dress pants. To perfectly complete the look it would be best if you add a pair of black suede loafers to the outfit. When you need a semi formal look that is also stylish on every aspects you can style the peak lapel mustard blazer with a black turtleneck and black dress pants. To complete the look in the perfect way you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather tassel loaders with black socks.

The next color that we would recommend for you is brown and this when paired with blazers will give out a tonal look. For a simple and casual summer look you can style the mustard 2 button blazer with a tan shirt and white dress pants. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of brown suede loafers. For a little more formal look you can choose to style the mustard windowpane blazer with a white dress shirt, burgundy striped tie and brown dress pants.

Since the mens blazers are most recommended for summer use you can choose to style them with light colored garments. For example the peak lapel blazer paired with a long sleeve white shirt and white dress pants would give out a cool style for the parties. For a more contemporary and stylish take on the outfit you can choose to go with plaid blazer mustard with white crew neck tshirt and mint green dress pants. For a classy style you can choose to style the mustard slim fit blazer with white dress shirt, blue and yellow striped tie and Royal Blue dress pants.