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Rose Gold Blazers

When it comes to mens clothing the usual colors like navy and charcoal gray are the ones that are most preferred. But every now and then there comes a trend that will make the men want to try it out even if it isn't the regular one that they are used to. One such trend that is making the rounds now is the rose gold men's blazers. The rose gold trend has a wide appeal since it seems to be everywhere from the jewellery to the phones to the apparel industry. In this article we are going to discuss the rose gold men's blazers and some of the best ways to style them.

Rose Sequin Blazer Rose Tuxedo Blazer

Rose gold as the name denotes refers to the rose shade with the tinge of gold in it. The name comes from the alloy which consists of gold, copper and silver which has the same color. The rose gold trend first started out with the jewelleries and then spread fast to all the industries. Truth be told rose is not the color that men tend to reach out first when they go for shopping. But with the rose gold blazers there is the underlying gold tinge to it making it look distinct and rich. The rose gold men's blazers are a good choice for dressy events like weddings and parties. Since the color is a light shade it is best to style them for semi formal and casual events rather than for the strictly formal events like black tie events or even to your office. While there is nothing wrong with wearing the rose gold blazer to your regular office day there is a chance that others will consider it to be unprofessional and not take you seriously.

If you are fascinated by the rose gold trend but still are not ready to try out bold ones like rose gold suits then you can start out slow with rose gold blazers. The advantage with the blazers is that you can easily style them as formal and casual garments depending on the type of combining garments you choose to pair it with. In the same way you can pair the rose gold men's blazers with formal or casual combining garments keeping in mind the type of event you are attending and your style need.

Blush Dinner Jacket If you are thinking of styling the rose gold men's blazers then here are some ideas that might help you in the process. For a dressy look you can pair the rose gold peak lapel blazer with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather loafers. The contrast of the black garments with a light shade of rose gold blazer will make the outfit eye catching. If you are styling the rose gold blazer for a special event like wedding then you can go with the luxurious ones like silk rose gold blazers and velvet rose gold men's blazers. These garments might be a little expensive when compared to the usual ones like rose gold wool blazers but they will make the wearer look rich and sophisticated making the people notice you.

Since rose gold is a light shade it might be a better choice to wear it in the brighter months like summer and spring. The fresh shade will match well with the celebratory vibe of these seasons. If you are the groom of the summer wedding then you can go with the 3 piece rose gold blazer look since it will give you a stylish yet classy look. For example you can pair the shawl lapel rose gold blazer with a rose gold vest, white dress shirt and white dress pants. The overall light nature of the outfit will make you stand out among the crowd on your special day. To complete the look you can add a pair of black leather tassel loafers. If the event is conducted outdoors there might be a lot of light and heat and in this case it is best to go with lightweight garments like cotton rose gold blazers or rose gold linen blazers. These fabrics will breathe well and thus keep the wearer cool even during the hot days.

Pink Floral Blazer The natural fabric rose gold men's blazers will have a subtle look unlike the silk rose gold blazers and thus you can wear them as smart casuals on a casual day around the city. For a tonal look you can pair the single breasted rose gold blazer with a hot pink crew neck T-shirt, and burgundy chinos. You can complete the look by adding a pair of tan suede tassel loafers to the ensemble. Other light summer colors like tan, cream and khaki pair well with rose gold and you can use this well for your advantage. For example you can pair the notch lapel rose gold blazer with a light pink dress shirt and light gray dress pants. For a classy footwear that will also complement the look you can add a pair of brown suede tassel loafers.

For a stylish looking outfit you can contrast the bright shade of the rose gold blazer with other dark or bright colored combining garments. These type of outfits are best suited for casual events like summer parties where you don't mind being the center of attention. A rose gold double breasted blazer paired with a white crew neck T-shirt and Royal Blue chinos is a bold look that you must confidently pull off. Keep the footwear simple by adding a pair of white canvas high top sneakers.

Other than the usual solid rose gold men's blazers you can also give the patterned rose gold blazers a try. Floral rose gold men's blazers and rose gold paisley blazers are being widely recommended since they match the rich look of the shade. As for the fit of the blazer take extra care to go with perfectly fitting ones. Rose gold Slim fit blazers and classic rose gold blazers are the two most preferred styles in the market.