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Mens Blue And Gold Blazer

Blue blazers are a style staple in every man’s wardrobe but instead of choosing the same style over and over, how about adding some spice to it? Today we recommend you to think choosing blue and gold blazers .It might be hard for most people to include gold in their everyday outfits since we consider gold to be a flashy style. Hence the mens blue and gold blazer is recommended for the special occasions but with the right choice of the combining garments, it is possible to wear it casually. Here is some style advice on including the blue and gold mens blazer in your wardrobe.

Blue is the universal color that most men cherish. It might be quite hard to find a man’s wardrobe without any blue garments in it. Blue also has become the favoritecolor of the working folks since the color is considered to be appropriate for working environment. Thus blue garments have become versatile and hence it is best to fully make use of the style.

When it comes to blue and gold blazers, it is important to take some time to get to know the various styles available before you pick out the right style. For example you can use the blue and gold blazer near me option and check out the blue and gold Men's blazers on sale around your area. This will ensure that the styles are available and easily deliverable to you. When you decide to purchase the blue and gold blazer online, know that you have a lot of options and finding the right style for you might take some time for research. It is also best to decide on the budget to be spent on the blazers. For example, some people might want to choose the most expensive blue and gold Men's blazers while some others might be content with choosing the blue and gold cheap priced blazers.Deciding on all the finer details first can help you find the right look that suits your taste.

Our recommendation would be for you to choose the best quality blue and gold blazers even if you have to choose the costly blue and gold blazer. This ensures the quality and durability of the garment. It is also important to choose trusted online sites for ordering. If you are choosing low cost blue and gold Men's blazers then check whether the quality is good for the price you pay. Also you can decide on other details like the fit, shade and more.

The shade of the blue and gold blazer is one other major detail to note. For the blue and gold combination to look rich and classy, we would recommend you to stick with the darker shades. Navy blue and gold blazer or midnight blue and gold blazer would be good choices for the people starting out on the style for the first time. But if you want your look to be more noticeable then go with the brighter ones like royal blue and gold blazer or similar styles. When it comes to the lighter shades, it is recommended when you are looking for blue and gold casual blazers.

The gold in the blue blazer is the selling point of the outfit and thus choose it with care. If you are a subtle dresser then you can go with the formal blue and gold blazers which have minimal gold colored inclusion in it. On the other hand if you don’t mind a little bit of extravaganza then you can choose to go with the blue and gold party blazers. You should make sure to find the right type of combining garments to be worn with it. Here are some ideas to get started with your blue and gold blazer mens.

Styling with dress shirt, tie and chinos

This original styling of the blazer will never get old since it offers the standard look. If you are just thinking of styling the blazer but have no idea of where to start then you can choose this particular style. For a basic look, you can style the designer blue and gold blazer with a white dress shirt, black polka dot tie and a pair of black chinos. This outfit can now be completed by adding with it a pair of black leather oxford dress shoes. This is the most formal look you can achieve with the blue and gold blazers. When you are choosing this look make sure to choose darker shades of blue garments.

But if you are ready to go down the semi formal or smart casual path then here are some outfits to consider. Styling the blue and gold formal blazer with a light blue dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of grey dress pants would be a good style to progress on. You can contrast the monotonous look by adding with it a pair of burgundy leather dress shoes. If you consider this look to be too formal then you can lose the tie.

Styling with denim

The gold in the blue and gold blazers can give it a stylish and eye catching look. You can easily style the outfit for the special occasions especially the casual ones. Gold and blue blazers would work well with jeans or denim. Here are some outfits that prove the above mentioned claim.

You can style the branded blue and gold blazer with a navy and white striped dress shirt, a navy printed tie and a pair of navy denim. A pair of dark brown work boots is a good way to pull the outfit together. If you want a more stylish look then you can pair the stylish blue and gold blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of black denim. To breathe in a dash of polish to the outfit, add with it a beige wool hat and a pwir of brown leather monks. If you are ready for a little more color then style the blue and gold slim fit blazer with a light pink dress shirt and a pair of yellow chinos.