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Black Velvet Blazer All fabrics embrace the body nicely, but velvet go extra special with this aspect. They are a fabric for the senses that have been around for centuries, however, haven't failed to win the hearts of fashion aficionados. Notorious for soft touch and exclusive texture, there was a general thought that it was frequently used in the clothing of royals as a mark of wealth. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the fabric became increasingly remarkable in the fashion world and even today it continues to be popular fabric not only with women's world, but with men's clothing as well. Having said that, it seems to have kept the trend going ever! It comes as no surprise that, the fabric of velvet can be worn in many different ways; however it is important to keep things simple and inspire with some fashionable ideas.

With all that said, there is a general misconception that, velvet is for women. It is no longer the case; men's velvet is a new trend and has been a material of choice for the most fashion conscious gentlemen for some time now. As with men, velvet portrays a sense of refinement and stylishness. Coupled with this, for an added look you need to accessorize yourself right, consider taking a look at a selection of styles and accessories. The combination of small lines and chic velvet blazer collars are a real style statement.

As far as velvet material is concerned, it only looks good if paired with pieces of different materials, as well as solid ones like denim or tweed, softer ones like silk and even see-through fabrics such as chiffon or organza. The magic that works here is the contrast between textures, at the same time as the colors comprising a velvet outfit ought to maintain approximately the same hues. Simply said, velvet states the real Luxury Man, it automatically transmits a rich look and feel.

Black is a color that makes you look elegant, sharp and smart. The color goes with all the outfits. Black velvet blazers are a versatile piece of tailoring that looks classy and suits for all occasions. Wearing a Black velvet blazer gives a more formal and polished look at the corporate level. This attire can be teamed up with any striped shirt or a distinctive tie to give it a warmer look. Velvet blazers are comfortable tailored pieces that go with any occasion that comes up.

Black blazers go well with all the occasions; be it corporate events, family occasions or hangouts in the weekends. Velvet is traditionally created from different fibers of silk that have an attractive and shinny look, and these velvet blazers look more alluring in colors like black. Men's black velvet blazers give a very attractive appearance when worn with a light colored jean to depict a contrasting look. A velvet blazer works well in a party atmosphere because it looks more dressy and exotic. Moreover it gives a traditional look. These blazers are available with different collared styles with wide range of choices.

These unique velvet blazers come with varied number of inner and outer pockets in them to carry small things. Men's fashionable Black velvet blazers add a soft yet masculine touch to your wardrobes. Men's blazers are available in many different styles and designs, of which velvet blazers give the most attractive look. Black blazers can be worn with any contrasting colored shirt or tie to give it a smarter look. The various designs and patterns for these velvet blazers have made a good demand in the society.

When you wanted to make it a more luxurious this season with formal style, try this velvet style and you can't go wrong with these pure velvet blazers.

How to pull off that smart look with velvet suits?

By now, anyone would have been wondering how to pull off that velvet look and achieve the same regal aesthetic with men's fashion staples like sneakers, boots, bow ties and scarves. When you are dressing up with a velvety dress, all that you have to ensure is that, don't wear anything made of velvet. Prefer rich, luscious colors like navy-blue, deep purple, ivy-green or burgundy, not to mention, the metallic look gives to velvet an exceptional style. Don't forget to experiment, you can also wear velvet jackets with trousers of different cloth or velvet slacks with some other jacket.