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Men's Blue Plaid Blazer

It is always good to have a variety of garments in your wardrobe rather than the basic pieces like a navy blazer and a gray blazer. With the fashion world quickly progressing being in trend had also become a necessity. When it comes to blazer it is always good to have one or two that you can wear to different events. In this article we discuss the blue plaid blazer and why it is best to have one in your wardrobe.

Plaid blazers come in a lot of colors but why we recommend you to go with blue plaid blazer is that it is a formal color which men are used to. Also there are lot of shades from which you can choose the one that perfectly aids the look that you need. Plaid is a pattern that has long been in menswear and thus styling the blue plaid Men's blazer might not be a hard job. Here are some basics that we think will help you select the right type of blue plaid Men's blazer and also style it right.

The first thing that you will have to note is the shade of the blue plaid Men's blazer. As we know already the dark shades are considered to be more formal than the lighter shades of blue plaid Men's blazer. Thus if you are looking for a garment that you can occasionally style for your regular office day then it might be a good choice to go with plaid navy blue blazer. The dark color of the blazer conforms well with any type of atmosphere and thus you can style them for both formal and casual events.

For a semi formal or casual look you can opt to go with brighter and lighter colors of blue plaid blazers. The thing with the light blue plaid blazers is that the pattern on it tends to show while in the dark blue plaid Men's blazer it is muted and it looks like a solid garment from a distance. Thus depending on the look that you want wisely select the shade of the blue plaid Men's blazer.

As mentioned before there are lot of types in the plaid pattern which differs on the spacing of the intersecting lines and the size of the boxes created by it. While the large boxed patterns with prominent lines are considered to be a casual look the ones with small boxes are considered to be a comparatively formal style.

If you are trying out the blue plaid Men's blazer style for the first time then it might be a good option to start with casual style. Go with simple subtle ones that have a air of formality to them so that when you progress you can use the garment for formal uses too. As for the color of the checks you can go with tonal ones that do not stand out much and it is also a good option to keep it small.

Slimfit Suit Blue Gun plaid blazers are a good style to start since it has the small checks on. The gun blue plaid Men's blazer has a formal look and they are mostly worn in the country setting. Like most plaid patterns the gun checks also originated in Scotland used it as symbol of regional heritage. This garment can be a blue plaid casual blazer that you wear to date nights but also can be a alternate garment for your office day when you forget to do your laundry.

If you are not ready to wear the blue plaid Men's blazer as a casual style then you can reserve them for formal use that happens once in a while. Blackwatch blue plaid Men's blazer is a good style that you can wear to formal events like dinner parties and such. They are also well known to be a formal style since the blackwatch plaid pattern is often found on the suits and tuxedos. You can go with these blue plaid formal blazers and for an enhanced look you can concentrate on the details like going with shawl lapel blue plaid Men's blazer that comes with silk facings on the lapels and wear it with a classic dress shirt and a bow tie.

Dark Blue Plaid Blazer
For a business blue plaid Men's blazer that you fan definitely wear to your office you can go with navy blue plaid Men's blazer that comes with light while soft overcheck. You can wear this peak lapel blue plaid Men's blazer with a white shirt and gray trousers. For a little more distinct style you can go with combining garments that match the color of the pattern on the blue plaid blazer. For example if you are going with a blue plaid Men's blazer with light pink pattern on it then it might be a good choice to pair the garment with a pale pink dress shirt and a complementary tie.

As for the fabric of the blue plaid Men's blazer for a formal look wool blue plaid Men's blazers and cotton blue plaid Men's blazers are recommended. Worsted blue plaid wool blazers are the best for casual look since they have a rough texture. If you are looking for a casual summer style then you can go with blue plaid linen blazer. Other than this the tweed blue plaid Men's blazers are also getting a lot of attention in the recent times especially among the younger generation.

When you need a rich look then you must go with blue plaid silk blazers or blue plaid velvet blazers. While going with these garments make sure that the shade is dark like midnight blue plaid Men's blazers or Royal Blue plaid Men's blazers since these luxurious fabrics look great in dark shades. For a cheap priced one go with synthetic ones like polyester blue plaid blazer and rayon blue plaid Men's blazer.

As for the fit of the blue plaid Men's blazer go with a fitting one that complements your body type. blue plaid Slim fit blazers and blue plaid skinny fit blazers are some of the best recommendations that you can find.