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Men's Purple Blazer

One of the colors that is greatly underused when it comes to menswear is the purple. But in recent times the men have started to realise the appeal of the color and is starting to incorporate it into the clothing. If you are not a purple suit person then you have the option of starting out slow with the purple ties and purple Men's blazers. If you are still in doubt about rocking the purple style then real further since in this article we are going to discuss the purple blazers and some of the best ways in which you can style the outfit.

Purple Velvet Blazer It is highly impossible that you are not aware of purple as a color but we still have the obligation of laying it out to you in simple terms. Purple can refer to different ranges of colors between red and blue. It is most closely associated with violet. Purple is known to signify richness and royalty. This was because of the fact that purple dye was hard to extract at the earlier times and thus were mostly reserved for high officials like royalties and elites. But as the technology progressed now the purple dye is easier to extract and thus anyone can afford to get purple garments.

There are a lot of shades in purple and you should get to know them to make the perfect choice that will suit your taste. As mentioned before the purple contains both red and blue shades and the prominence of the color will determine the shade of purple. For example when you need a bright colored garment you can go with the shade of purple blazer that has more of a pink hue to it. But when you need to go with a subtle looking garment then you can opt for the purple Men's blazers that has a reddish or brownish hue to it. Some of the prominent shades of purple Men's blazers that you can try out are lilac purple Men's blazers, lavender purple Men's blazers and mauve purple blazers.

As for the season at which you can wear the purple Men's blazers it depends on the shade of purple blazer that you choose. When it comes to winter or fall season it is recommended for you to go with the subtle shades of purple Men's blazers like purple maroon blazers and other reddish hues of purple Men's blazers. These purple Men's blazers will have a formal look because of its muted shade and thus these dark purple Men's blazers can even be styled for office use or other important events. As for the material of the purple Men's blazers you can go with purple wool blazers or purple tweed blazers.

When it comes to the warmer months of summer or spring you can go with the cooler shades of purple blazers. Lilac purple Men's blazers and violet purple Men's blazers have a cool blue shade and looks best under the natural light of these seasons. When styling for the warmer months go with lightweight materials. For a formal look go with purple cotton blazers but for a laid back look you can go with purple linen blazers. Other than these you can also go with luxurious ones like purple silk blazers and purple velvet blazers when you need a rich look. As mentioned before purple has a rich look that reminds of royalties and thus adding to the effect with silk or velvet will make the garment more eye catching. When you go with these materials make sure to go with darker shades of purple blazers since they will look more elegant than the lighter ones.

All the natural fabric purple Men's blazers have their own benefits and will be comfortable for the wearer. But if you consider the price to be little over the top for your budget then you can go with synthetic ones like polyester purple Men's blazers and rayon purple Men's blazers since they will be available for a cheaper price with some compromise on the quality and durability aspect.

As for styling of the purple blazers here are some of the ideas that we think might help when you decide to try out the style. When selecting and styling the purple blazer first decide on the type of look you are aiming. For example if you want a formal look that you can wear to your office then you can pair the notch lapel purple blazer with a white dress shirt, pink horizontal striped tie andBlack leather pants. For a perfect look you can add a tan overcoat and a pair of black Oxford shoes. For a little more stylish look you can pair the single breasted purple blazer with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie, purple wool blazer and charcoal wool dress pants. To give a casual finish to the outfit you can add a pair of grey leather Chelsea boots.

When you are styling the garment for a semi formal event like summer wedding then you can go with pairing the purple peak lapel blazer with a purple vertical striped dress shirt and white chinos. If you are the groom in the event then you can go with a little more refined look of pairing a shawl lapel purple blazer with a white dress shirt, black silk tie and black dress pants. To complete the look you can add a pair of burgundy leather monks.

Other than the usual styles of purple Men's blazers you can also try out the patterned ones. For example a purple plaid blazer or a striped purple blazer might be a good choice for formal use while the purple floral blazer or the purple Paisley blazer will be a good choice for dressy events.

The fit of the purple Men's blazers should be perfect as it is required of any other outfit. Purple slim fit blazers and purple skinny fit blazers are recommended when you need a body hugging fit. Modern fit purple Men's blazers are considered to be a versatile style while the classic fit purple Men's blazers are the best for people who like roomier fit.