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Mens Two Toned Blazer

The navy blazers and charcoal gray blazers have been the favorite for many men when it comes to formal style. While you can wear the same blazer for parties and other casual events it would not be a good sign for your style. You need to step up the fashion factor when it comes to styling the casual garments for these fun events. We recommend you to try the two toned men's blazers and in this article we discuss everything that you need to know about the style and why you need to have a two toned blazer in your wardrobe.

Red Twotoned Blazer The reason why we recommended you to go with two toned blazers is the fact that it gives the wearer a stylish dapper look that will make you stand out among the crowd of usual dressers. Progressing from being a temporary trend the two toned men's blazers have nowadays become a staple in every stylish man's wardrobe. There are a lot of styles in two toned men's blazers that are suitable for different occasions. Hence get to know the styles and choose the one that suits your style and need perfectly.

We have mentioned it before but we will have to emphasise again that the two toned men's blazers are best suited for semi formal and casual events rather than the regular formal use like wearing to office days. This is because of the fact that the two toned blazers are considered to be a stylish garment and would gather a lot of attention. This may not be suitable for office atmospheres and rather best for events like weddings and celebratory events like award events. If you are convinced about trying out this style then here are some ideas that might help you.

Blue Twotoned Blazer The type of the two toned blazer that you choose must depend on the nature of the event you are attending. For example if you are attending a formal event like dinner event then you can go with rich and sophisticated styles like two toned Paisley blazers and two toned floral blazers. To get an added effect for these blazers you can go with the luxurious styles like two toned silk blazers or two toned velvet blazers. These fabrics will have a natural sheen about them which will make the designs on the two toned blazers stand out. Also these luxurious two toned blazers will give the wearer a stylish and rich look that is suitable for these types of special occasions.

When selecting the two toned men's blazers for these special occasions like weddings you can go with the colors that will make the garment stand out. For example if you are the groom then you can opt for two toned navy blazer or two toned white blazers. If you need a classic yet stylish look then you can opt for black two toned men's blazers that come with golden or silver highlights. When it is for parties or fun events where you can get a little experimental with your style you can choose to go with bold ones like two toned gold blazers or two toned sliver blazers. While these blazers might look like an overdo for the formal or semi formal events they might be a great choice for cocktail events and other fun events.

For styling the two toned blazers there are some things that you will have to note. It is rather different than the solid blazers and knowing the basics might help a great deal. For example when you style the two toned floral blazers you must remember that it is a summer style and thus is more suited for summer weddings and beach weddings. There will be different styles which will come with small flowers or large flowers and you can choose the one that will suit the event atmosphere. When it comes to Paisley two toned men's they are considered to be a little more classy design and thus can be worn to semi formal events like church weddings and dinner events.

Since these fashion two toned blazers are not a common style it is best to keep it as the main piece of the outfit and style the combining garments accordingly. If you pair the two toned men's blazers with bold printed combining garments the outfit becomes lousy and almost unwearable. This it is mostly recommended for you to neutralise the statement piece with simple combining garments. For example when you style the midnight blue two toned blazer with a white dress shirt and orange silk tie and black dress pants the blazer becomes the main piece that is highlighted by the combining garments. You can complete the look with a elegant choice of black leather tassel loafers.

When it comes to the casual styling of the floral two toned blazers again let the garment be the main piece of the outfit and pair it with usual summer garments. For example a black and white two toned blazer paired with a white dress shirt and black dress pangs might be a good look for a semi formal event. For a casual style you can pair a two toned burgundy blazer with a burgundy dress shirt and white chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes. Other than this you can also pair the floral stylish two toned blazers with casual short sleeve shirts and dress shorts for a summer look.

The fit of the two toned men's blazers is an important factor to note since the fashion blazers need to be perfect. Navy two toned slim fit blazer paired with a white dress shirt and navy dress pants is a cool style that you can wear to any formal or semi formal events. For a smart casual look you can pair the classic fit two toned blazer with a white crew neck T-shirt and blue skinny jeans. Other than this a modern fit two toned blazer paired with a black dress shirt and black dress pants will be a classy look.