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Mens Coral Blazer

When we talk about mens clothing most of our minds automatically divert to navy and charcoal colors. This is because of the fact that the men have got used to these shades and have converted it into their own comfort colors. But with the changing times it is important that we are in par with the trend and try out clothing that we normally wouldn't pick. Coral blazers are one such garment and in this article we are going to discuss all about it and why you need a coral blazer in your wardrobe now.

Coral Linen Blazer For people who aren't aware of coral as a color then it is a shade of orange that had a pinkish edge to it. The various shades of coral is named after the sea animal called precious corals. The warm color of coral gives it a fresh look that makes some people categorise it as pastels. Now when we say it is a pinkish shade most men tend to avoid it since pink is considered to be a girlish color. This stereotyping of the color is not a old practice since there are evidence that people dressed children in gender neutral clothing which were mostly of white till they reach a certain age. Also there was once a time that pink was even considered to be a masculine color because of its close association with red. The stereotyping of the colors according to the genders have slowly started disappearing with the increasing curiosity of the people. People are starting to try out new colors without taking into account the gender. Proof of this might the increasing demand for pink clothing in menswear. Thus it might be the best time to try out something bold like the coral blazers.

Coral might be the next obsession of the fashion industry since the runways are already full of it. Starting from the formal wear like stylish coral suits to casual ones like coral t-shirts the trend has proliferated both in the men and women fashion industry. Coral is a warm color that is best to be styled in the summer and spring. The top fashion designers of Louis Vuitton, doir men and berluti agree with this fact since the spring/summer fashion shows of 2020 feature coral clothing with increasing vigour. This had brought the coral clothing into spotlight and have made it into a trend that we simply cannot ignore.

Slimfit Coral Suit Now if you are thinking of trying out the coral blazer style then here are some tips that might help you with the process. One of the main things that have made the coral blazers a huge success is that the coral can be worn by men if all skin tones. There are a lot of shades available when it comes to coral Men's blazers and you just have to select the one that you think will look good with your skin tone. If you are a person who has a dark chocolate skin then almost all colors of coral will look great on the skin. When it comes to men with pale skin it may be a good choice to go with fresh bright shades of coral Men's blazers rather than the pale ones since it will make you look still more pale.

If you are a person who is new to the coral blazers style then you can go with subtle shades of coral blazers that can blend in well with the summer surroundings. But if gaining attention is the one who focus on then go with the bright shades of coral blazers that will look great for summer and spring parties. For example if you are styling the coral blazer for a wedding ceremony then you can simply go with subtle shade of single breasted coral blazer paired with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. The look can be completed with a pair of black leather loafers. For a fun event you can explore the color spectrum a little more by pairing the bright shade of coral casual blazer with a navy blue dress shirt and white dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of brown fringe leather loafers.

Coral blazers are a great style that you can wear to celebratory events like weddings and such. For example if you are the groom holding a beach wedding then you can ditch the traditional black tuxedo look and go with something contemporary like coral Men's blazers. For example you can pair a shawl lapel coral blazer with a light blue chambray dress short and grey dress pants. To get a classy look you can add a pair of dark brown suede loafers. For a smart casual look that you can wear to office on a regular summer day you can pair the notch lapel coral blazer with a dark green dress shirt and charcoal chinos. To finish off the look you can add a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

If you are a person who is trying out the coral blazer for the first time then you may be hesitant to style them for your office or any other formal purposes. Thus start out with styling the coral blazers for casual uses like semi formal weddings and summer parties. To get a classy and sophisticated look you can pair the coral slim fit blazer with a white dress shirt and navy chinos. For a little more formal look you can pair the classic fit coral blazer with a white dress shirt, coral knit tie and white dress pants. Brown leather oxford shoes may be a good choice to cleanly finish off the look.

Since we mentioned that coral blazers can be a great casual style you can also try going with patterns. coral floral blazers and coral plaid blazers might be a good choice when you need a casual summer look. As for the fabric it might be a good idea to go with lightweight ones like coral cotton blazersand coral linen blazers.