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Mens Black Silk Blazer

When choosing the blazers especially you first one there a lot of factors that you will have to note. While most of them might look like insignificant details it is important for you to note them for your pick to be the best. Among these details the color of the blazer and the fabric involved in the making are considered to be some of the most important things to note. The first blazer you buy is usually for special occasions like weddings and such. Thus it will be best for you to go with versatile ones. In this article we discuss the black silk blazers and some of the best choices on how to style them.

Silk Blazer Black has been the favorite choice when it comes to special occasions like weddings and dinner events. Regardless of the event the black suits have served to be an appropriate choice for any type of event be it formal or semi formal. This is the reason why we recommend you to go with the silk mens black blazers. Also black being a neutral style can be paired easily with most of the colors and thus you can reinvent your existing wardrobe with the black silk blazers.

As for silk it is considered to be one of the most preferred suiting fabric especially when it comes to luxury garments. The silk has been in use for a long time now and in the early times they were restricted to the royals. But with time the silk has been made available to all and now has become one of the most preferred fabric of choice. Silk is a great fabric when you need a fabric that can work for almost all seasons. Regardless of the look silk is one of the breathable fabric that would work for the summer events. Silk garments can also be machine washed and you do not have to worry too much about the dry washing cost. Also silk is an absorbent material and it can absorb upto one third of its weight before it starts to feel heavy. You can also go with the blends of the black silk blazers depending on your need. For example when you need a garment that would work for winters then you can go with the cashmere black silk blazers and black silk tweed blazers. When it comes to summer you can go with lightweight variants like black silk linen blazers.

Black Blazer Black silk blazers would give your outfit a rich and fashionable look. Usually when it comes to formal events most men turn up in black suits or black blazers. But most people would go with the usual styles like wool blazers and cotton blazers and when you choose to include a little twist like the silk black blazers then it would make you stand out of the rest. This is would a great deal if you are attending the black tie events. The advantage of the black silk mens blazers over the black suits is that you will have more freedom in the styling department with blazers when compared to suits. Depending on the nature of the event you are attending go with the best choice of the black silk blazer outfits.

When it comes to styling of the black silk blazer mens here are some of the ideas which we think are awesome and would help you when you get the garment for yourself. Starting with the formal ones like black tie attires you can choose to go with styling the tuxedo black silk blazer with a white dress shirt?, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather patent shoes. This would be the ideal outfit choice for these type of events and the ones which come with the dress codes.

But the black tie events are rare and most of the time we attend events that require us to be dressed formally without any dress codes. For example if you are attending a dinner event at your workplace then it would be best for you to style the black silk blazer jacket with a white dress shirt, Burgundy polka dot tie and a pair of grey dress pants. To complete the look add with the outfit a pair of Burgundy leather tassel loafers. For a classy and incredibly dapper style you can choose to style the silk black blazers men with a white short sleeve shirt and a pair of navy dress pants. To pull this outfit together you can choose to add with it a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

Wool Blazer For an all black outfit look you can choose to style the black silk prom blazer with a black satin dress shirt, black pocket square and a pair of black dress pants. For something smart to finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. If you are more into elegant and formal styling then you can choose to go with double breasted black silk blazers rather than the single breasted ones. But the single breasted black silk blazers are more versatile than the double breasted styles. You can even easily style them with the casual styles like the t-shirts and the turtlenecks.

When you want to try this casual styling of the mens black silk blazers then here are some ideas. For a cool black silk blazer outfit you can choose to go with styling the garment with a black crew neck tshirt and a pair of black print chinos. For a smart casual look you can style the fitted black silk blazer with a white turtleneck and a pair of light grey dress pants. For a casually classic look you can choose to style the silk black blazer men with a white print tshirt and black jeans. Try out the patterned ones like silk black floral blazers and black silk Paisley blazers too.