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Mens Yellow Gold Blazers

One of the most underrated colors in menswear is yellow. Because of its bright hue men tend to consciously avoid going for the color. It is regarded as one of the hardest colors to pull off but when you learn to style it right it can give you a refreshing look. This season we recommend you to try out garments like yellow gold blazers other than your usual styles. In this article we discuss the yellow gold blazers and some of the best tips on how to style them.

There are a lot of shades in yellow and you can select the shade that suits your need the best. The strong shade of yellow are the ones that are most avoided but if you are one among them then you can try out the subtle and more neutral shades of yellow. In recent times the pastel yellow and other brighter shades of yellow is also being accepted by men but it is best to style them for the summer and spring events. The bright colors like yellow gold is best suited for the warmer months since it gives out a refreshing celebratory vibe. For winter it is best to go with subtler ones like mustard yellow ones or even tan ones.

Mens Prom Blazer Peak LapelBlazer Mens Sequin Blazer

There are some colors that pair exceptionally well with yellow gold and you should make sure to rightly pair it with these colors for a perfect look. The first color that we recommend for you is blue. It is one of the easiest options since blue is on the opposite quadrant of the color wheel when it comes to styling garments. They are the easiest complementary colors and thus it is the one recommended if you are styling the mens yellow gold blazer for the first time.

While matching the yellow with blue you should take extra care in matching the tones of both the colors. For example if you go with bright yellow gold blazer then it is best to go with brighter tones of blue like Royal blue but if you go with pastel yellow then pair it with lighter tones of blue like baby blue. For example a single breasted yellow gold blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy and yellow horizontal striped tie and blue dress pants is a sophisticated outfit. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather loafers for a neutral look. For a little more casual style you can pair the notch lapel yellow gold blazer with a white crew neck tshirt and light blue jeans. For a accent look you can add an orange belt and orange leather driving shoes. Pairing yellow gold blazer with blue combining garments might be a good choice since it is most common color that men tend to have in their wardrobe. For example a yellow gold double breasted blazer paired with a light blue dress shirt, black striped tie and navy dress pants is a great look that you can simply assemble from the existing pieces of your wardrobe. You can complete the look with a pair of navy leather loafers or simply black leather shoes.

The next color that you can try pairing with yellow gold is gray. As like yellow there are also lot of shades in gray and you can try out different shades that work for you. When you pair thestylish yellow gold blazer with gray combining garments it gives you a grounded look since gray is a neutral shade. For a formal look you can pair the yellow gold peak lapel blazer with a white dress shirt, charcoal print tie and charcoal gray dress pants. To complete the look add a pair of black leather loafers. For a smart casual look you can pair the single button yellow gold blazer with a light blue striped dress shirt, multi colored print tie and gray chinos. You can pair this light look with a pair of tan canvas oxford shoes.

The next recommendation is for you to pair the yellow gold blazer with brown combining garments. The brown color gives the ensemble a warm look that pairs well with the fresh look of the yellow gold blazer. Brown being a subtle shade do not clash with the yellow and allows it to shine as the main piece rather being a good complementary color. A 2 button yellow gold blazer paired with a navy polo and brown dress pants is a easy to throw together outfit that will still make you stand out from the crowd. For a smart look you can pair the yellow gold casual blazer witha dark brown crew neck tshirt and white dress pants. For a tonal look you can add a tan barn jacket and complete the ensemble with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Mens Casual Blazer Green is another color that pairs well with yellow. For a dressy look that you can wear to weddings you can pair the formal yellow gold blazer with a purple dress shirt, dark green vest, aquamarine print tie and yellow check pants. This 3 piece yellow gold blazer look when added with a small boutonniere can also be a good choice for the groom in the summer wedding.

Other than these colors you can also pair the yellow gold blazers with strong colored combining garments like burgundy and maroon. A classic fit yellow gold blazer paired with a light blue dress shirt, double breasted burgundy corduroy vest, navy knit tie and burgundy corduroy dress pants is a good look when you want a dressy look. A yellow gold slim fit blazer paired with black dress shirt and black skinny jeans is also a good contrasting look.

Other than the solid yellow gold blazers you can give a try to the patterned yellow gold blazers. Pinstripe yellow gold blazers and yellow gold plaid blazersare good choices for a subtle look but for a dressy look you can go with floral yellow gold blazer and yellow gold Paisley blazers