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Red And Gold Blazer

Finding the right party outfit for men is a harder job when compared with getting party outfits for women. This is because of the fact that we men tend to have a certain set of colors and designs that we consider to be in our comfort zone. Most of the time we stick with black, navy and gray and not dare to venture out to the lighter and brighter shades. But when it comes to party wear the gloomy usual shades might not work and you should try to go with brighter colors. In this article we discuss one of the party outfit combination which is red and gold blazer which is a great look for any fun event.

When you hear the red & gold combination you might imagine something flashy that instantly avoid it. But there are a lot of outfits that come in subtle looks of red & gold combinations. This is one of the most important factors that makes the combination work. You can get a truly flashy outfit that garners a lot of attention but also select a subtle look that will give a balanced look for the wearer. The key lies in properly selecting the outfit and also in perfectly styling it. If you are thinking of getting the red & gold combination then here are some of the ideas that might help you in the process.

For a simple look that does not make you look like you went overboard go with a red and gold blazer and pair it with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. The gold incorporation in the red & gold mens blazer must be at minimum like at the cuffs and pockets. This way they do not attract much attention and give a balanced attention to all the elements of the outfit. This is a red and gold outfit that you can wear to formal and semi formal events like weddings and such.

For a casual look you can go with a little flashy look. Red & gold suits might be a good style to start with. Formal garments like red & gold suits and red & gold tuxedos might be a rare style and you might need a certain amount of confidence to rock the outfit. Red & gold Classic suits might have a slightly subtler look and you can wear them to your wedding. These classic red & gold suits will make you stand out on your special day among the guests.

If you are the groom and would like to go with a different look than the black tuxedos then we would like to recommend for you red & gold wedding suits. If you want a traditional look you can also try out red & gold tuxedos. The red and gold 3 piece suits are the ones that are most recommended for these formal events. The red & gold vested suits will give you an impeccable look with the red & gold combination conforming well with the celebratory nature of the event. The advantage with the red & gold three piece suits is that you can easily use them as separates too. You can wear the red and gold suit trousers with a dress shirt and a vest or you can also go with the usual 2 piece red & gold suit look for a standard attire.

The details on the outfit that you choose will make the look that you are sporting. For example if you want a casual laid back look then red & gold flat front suit pants are recommended. The pleated red & gold suit pants will be of slightly roomier style and you can use it for formal and semi formal events. The lapels on the red & gold suits, red & gold tuxedos and red & gold blazers also have an important role to play.

Red Fancy Blazer Floral Pattern Red Blazer

Red & gold Peak lapel blazer paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of standard colored dress pants might be a good style to start with when you need a formal look. When you need a casual outfit that you can wear to parties and fun events you can pair the notch lapel red & gold blazers with casual shirts and a pair of denim jeans. The shawl lapel red & gold blazers or red & gold suits are less formal than the peak lapel garments but they are recommended for events like weddings and award events since they give a dressy look for the wearer.

The number of buttons on the red & gold blazer or red & gold suit jacket should also be carefully noted. The single button red & gold blazer are the best for men who have short stature. The deep v neck created will create the illusion of elongated upper torso for the man and thus in turn will make him look taller than he originally is. 2 button red & gold blazers and 3 button red & gold blazers might be best for men who are of decent height.

The fabric of the red & gold outfit also plays a major role in the look that they give out. For example a red & gold wool blazer has a formal look when compared with the red & gold linen blazer. In the same way the red & gold silk blazers and red & gold velvet blazers have a stylish rich look when compared with the wool garments. Red & gold Sequin blazers are a great style for fun events like parties since they give out a flashy party feel.

Whichever the garment that you choose make sure that you go with the perfect fit that accentuates your body type. Custom made red & gold outfits are the best but when you need a cheaper alternative go with red & gold skinny fit blazers or red & gold slim fit blazers. For a slightly roomier look you can go with classic fit red & gold blazers.