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Gold sequin blazer

While the black blazers and navy blazers are the all time favorite of our generation and generations before that it is already time to venture out a little rather than restricting ourselves to a certain level. These standard blazers are best for any type of formal events but when it comes to casual events where you are expected to look dressed up we recommend sequin blazers for you. Sequin blazers are a rare choice especially among men since it is considered to be flashy. But when you know to style the garment right it becomes a style that simply stands out and makes you look stylishly unique. Thus in this article we discuss the gold sequin blazers and some of the tips on how to style them best.

When men hear the word gold and sequin together it is almost impossible to convince them to try the style out. But when you get to know the styling basics you might find it being a little easier than you thought it to be. Also there are a lot of styles in the gold button blazers and you can choose the ones that best suits your taste. For example if you are getting the sequin blazers for the first time and would like to have a subtle start then you can go with gold sequin men's blazers that come with small gold discs on it. These blazers will have a neat and subtle look when compared to the ones that come with large gold discs. Thus make sure that you select this detail keeping in mind the type of style that you prefer since it is the detail that influences the look of the gold sequin men's blazer the most.

Blush Pink Tuxedo gold-button-blazers As for the other details another thing to note is the type of lapel on the blazer. If you are styling the garment for a slightly formal event then peak lapel gold blazer is the recommendation for you. For a casual event you can go with notch lapel gold sequin men's blazer. Shawl lapel gold sequin men's blazers are a good choice when you need a dressy look while some come with different colored lapels. For example gold sequin men's blazers with black lapels is a good style that creates a nice contrast for the garment.

As for styling the fashion gold sequin blazers it is best to let the gold sequin blazer be the main piece of the outfit. Therefore while styling the gold sequin men's blazer pair it with combining garments that are of dark colors and subtle styles such as that they don't fight for attention with the gold sequin men's blazers. Other than solid gold sequin blazers you can try out the patterned ones. Floral gold sequin men's blazers and Paisley gold sequin blazers are the ones that are most preferred because of their sophisticated look. As for the fit go with slim fit gold sequin blazers or classic fit gold sequin men's blazers depending on your body type and which suits your taste the best.