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Mens Kelly Green Blazer

Mens Kelly green blazer

Mens Kelly green blazer: How To Make the Color Work For You

A mens Kelly green blazer is not like other colors, it is kind of challenging to pull off. Challenging, but not impossible. You just need to know the inside secrets to making it work for you.

You need to wear it at the right time and place, but not make it look like the blazer is washing you out.

1) A mens Kelly green blazer is great for both spring and summer. You should also work in some grey or brown-colored shirts to wear underneath. That way it will not look "too" out there.

2) Some of you guys will try to be a little "too" matchy-matchy. That is not going to work with Kelly green blazer for men. Wear one shade of green at a time. The last thing you want is to look like Curious George in his little green rain hat and jacket.

3) You are allowed to wear other colors with your green blazer. In fact, it is encouraged. That is why I suggested wearing some brown or grey underneath, but make sure it is the right blend. Colors like blue, green, and purple will also work well together too. Match the right colors with your blazer. You want to wear this and look good, not have everyone staring at you.

4) Wear the right size. No guy should ever wear the wrong blazer size, whether it be too tight or too baggy. Wearing a green blazer will only make it look worse.

5 ) Green is one color where you need to find the color that accentuates you, not the other way around. Guys who are fair-skinned should not wear a bright green. You may as well be wearing a traffic cone on you that says "hi, you can hit me because I am a target."

Wear your green blazer with pride and confidence. Confidence is the key.

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