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The Style Of Men's Full Length Trench Coat

Men's Full Length Trench Coat
The trench coat is quite common among garments and Thomas Burberry first designed it for British officers . After Great World War many Hollywood Leading actors brought the fashion of trench coats in the silver screen.

These are the common style features you should look for in a classic men's trench coat:

  • Double Breasted Front Style- The classic Men's Full Length Trench Coat is double breasted with six to ten buttons depending on length. Although single breasted jackets are available and the single breasted variety is best reserved for petite men who may appear buried in too much excess fabric.

  • Single Back Vent- Men's full length trench coats have a single vent .

  • Raglan Sleeves- Unlike normal jacket sleeves, the Raglan sleeve is more relaxed and makes the jacket more comfortable when worn with multiple layers of clothing.

  • Epaulets (Shoulder Tabs)- Epaulets allowed officers to attach rank insignia without damaging the coat.

Choosing trench Coat
Men's full length trench coat should be large enough to be worn over a suit jacket or heavy sweater. A good measure is to try on a coat and button it up fully - the shoulders should extend out past the natural shoulder by .5 to 1 full inch to allow space for a suit jacket and also allows to fit a full fist in the chest area while having full arm movement. Next the sleeve length should be worn 2 to 4 inches longer than a suit jacket's sleeves to about the pinch on the hand.

Modern Trench Coats For Men length ranges from 37 to 45 inches; the first trench coats were made longer, often worn only a few inches off the ground to better protect the wearer from the elements. There is not a right length for a trench coat, rather a man should choose a length based off his body type. Tall and large men should consider longer coats that fall below the knee " short coats make them look like giants. Smaller men should select shorter coats that fit above the knee and are closely tailored. These smaller coats will be more proportional and not make you look like you're wading in excess fabric. Trench coats can usually be made smaller in the torso and shortened by 5-8 percent (not inches - think 3 inches at most). They rarely can be made larger, as excess fabric is not usually sewn in.

How to purchase men's full length trench Coat?

  • Good Condition- It s easy to find the best condition trench coat in retail stores but quite expensive so to search for good condition one has to invest in searching the right one which may be available in some stores selling used items.

  • Used coats- The original trench coat purchased from Burberry is quite costly so it is to be noted that there are several stores offering used trench coat which are much less costly and if taken good care the interest of wearing a trench coat is also be fulfilled and long lasting.

  • Tailored- If the tailor whom has been hired can find the right quality and amount of gabardine and the wool liner with pattern then one can customize accordingly but it sometimes costs more than the trench coats available in stores of top brands.

Men's Full Length Trench Coat remains a popular raincoat for men. It is versatile, tough wearing and dashing if the fitted ones are worn, It is the best travel jacket and combines multiple coats in one. Due to its heavy weight and detachable liner it can be worn in spring and also during mild or rainy winters.

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