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Wearing And Maintaining Mens White Sport Coat

White Sport Coat
By twentieth century men seeking comfort and high fashion turned sport coat into a fashionable, casual wear for social functions. These coats were used in outdoor sports previously and can classified into three forms like a shooting coat is a type of sport coat worn during shooting or hunting, a hacking coat used for horseback riding and a blazer used for sports much earlier in boating. It can be dressed with a pair of jeans for more casual functions . There are various colours of Sport coats have pocket with flaps and often an extra flapped ticket pocket. It has originated not only from tweeds but from feather creatures.

The sport coats are not tight fits as normal men's suits and are made of heavy material and is single breasted and more casual than suit jacket. Sport coats are made of tweed, cotton, silk, wool and corduroy. For cold climates corduroy and wools are the best but for warm climates cotton, tweed and silk are suitable. The suits are business formal while the sport coats are business casual and can be worn outside business without tie and also in clubs with blue jeans tennis shoes etc. It does not require any specific outfit. . There are various brands that sell sport jackets and they fit different so choosing the right one for the wearer is an important task.

How to wear a White sport coat
One of the colours of sport coat that appeal the most is the white colour. The white sport coat is more casual than other classic colours like black or navy blue that are more suitable for formal occasions.

-To dress up a white sport coat a simple well fitting trousers in black , brown colour goes well. For casual dinner white sport coat is paired with a pair of jeans. But jeans are to be worn carefully depending on the event otherwise it will bring the dress down.
-A simple white coloured shirt looks best with white sport coat. The oxford shirt with sweater or vest under the white sport coat also goes well. But tie is never worn with sport coats.
-The shoes to be worn are to be polished. Leather shoes go best with white sport coat. Black or brown shoes match best with white sport coats. For casual wear leather loafers or shoes with buckles goes well. Burt they need to be polished.

Maintaining the white sport coat
To wear a sport coat for a day look the pair But maintain white sport coat is a difficult task as there are possibilities of stains on white coloured garments easily. If in any occasion stains occur in the sport coat then returning back home the first thing is to read the instructions given on the tag against machine washing. Other than leather the jacket can be machine washed. So placing the jacket in the washing machine with temperature set on.. One needs to wait till the garment is fully submerged in water before adding bleach to avoid spotting. After that the bleach is added according to the instructions and washer is shut down to complete the cycle. After washing the white coat is hanged to dry completely. Proper care makes this outfit easy to maintain with wear with full confidence.

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