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Mandarin Coats - An Exceptional Styling!

Mandarin Coats
If you search any man's wardrobe, you are sure to find at least one suit. Such is the popularity and acceptance of suits among men. The main reason behind the eternal presence of men's suit is that it is one of the most flexible attire that can be used at almost every occasion ranging from formal events to even the casual. If your wardrobe is still lacking suits, it is high time that you start thinking about investing on it. But you need to be careful while picking the right suit for you. You would be wondering whether to stick to the classical and the traditional or to go bold with new and stylish designs from our collection at MensUSA.

Talking about the different suit styles, the double breasted, three buttoned, pinstripe, zoot suits etc are some of the variety that is available in our stalk at MensUSA. We also have a unique style associated with the eastern cultures called as mandarin coats. This suit style is used by many people in their day to day activities in the oriental nations along with men from many religious sects. This type of suit is commonly seen in the western society as the weekly uniform of Catholic priests. The suit got its name from the mandarin collar which is short and erect and imparts a distinguished look. The main difference is that this type of collar stands straight up rather than lying flat on the shoulders and chest.

The Mandarin collar has slowly risen to replace the typical coat-and-tie in most American or European celebrations. If you aren't familiar with it, the Mandarin collar is a short, unfolded stand-up collar on a shirt or jacket which typically starts on the neckline and rises two to five centimeters vertically. It is the Western interpretation of the Manchurian collar. With the best pieces from our collection at MensUSA, mandarin coats are one of the best ways to look like a true star at your own wedding or any other function.

The edges of the collar barely meet at the center or overlap each other. Overlapping collars usually have a button to connect the two sides. Jawaharlal Nehru of India popularized a similar style of clothing, which is now known as the Nehru Collar in his honor. It is now popular with a lot of Indian youths. A band collar is also a Mandarin collar.
The mandarin coats are also unique compared to the normal ones as they have buttons all the way up the jacket. The buttons end only when the jacket is closed up at the neck. So an average mandarin coats would have five to six buttons. While accessorizing the mandarin jackets, you can follow the general theory. But make sure that it complements the jacket style. You should wear a mandarin shirt only with a jacket of similar style. Remember that the tie is not a part of suit without collar but the pocket square takes the central role in adding a touch of style to the entire outfit.

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