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A Mandarin collar can be described as an erect, not too long collar which looks elegant - be it on suits, jackets or shirts. Mandarin collars are generally of five centimeters shooting behind the neck line. The Mandarin collar is Mandarin collarwidely worn and considered appropriate for all occasions and many feel it to be a modern western style fashion. The Mandarin collars are obviously worn without ties but that does not make it less suited or unsuited for formal occasions. It is not only socially acceptable but even deemed fashionable to wear a mandarin-collared shirt along with a full suit even without a neck tie.

As a matter of fact, quite a few people favor Mandarin collors precisely for the reason they can dispense with the ties. Mandarin collar jackets are of light weight and more comfortable to wear. Mandarin collar suits and jackets are available in Mandarin collarsvarious pleasing and yet dignified colors including black, white, ivory, charcoal grey, olive green, brown etc.

Mandarin collars have found great acceptance in modern-daymilitary uniforms like the USA combat uniform. Military personnel claim that the mandarin collar on the Army Combat uniform renders the wearing of body armor more comfortable.

Mandarin-collared jackets worn by women more resemble the oriental trends as they have silk knots instead of buttons for closure.