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Velvet Sport Jacket

 Super 150s Velvet Fabric
SKU#ONG7716 Orange Super 150's Velvet Fabric Sport Coat $99

Velvet jacket has been an attractive overcoat since time immemorial. Initially it was first introduced as a suit for luxury and then it has now entered the field of sports. Overcoats are needed to protect one from extreme climatic changes. It extends up to knees and most of them come with belts around the waist. There are many jackets available as overcoats but velvet one provides luxury and comfort. They look very attractive and draw everyone's attention and make the wearer to look unique from others. The material is very soft and the velvet color can make it look very pleasant and attractive.

The orange sports coat is one of the famous over coat and one can find them in the field of sports. Similarly velvet sports are one among them. In the field it will be suffocating to wear tuxes and suits and hence these types of overcoats are introduced to make the wearer not to lose their identity as well as comfort. Many coaches prefer to wear these kinds of these overcoats which prevent profuse sweating in the field by providing proper air circulation and ventilation inside the coat. Necessary pockets are provided to carry important items and they can be safely guarded while involving in the game. The main features of this sport coat is that it is made up of materials that are feathery light weight coat with distinctive mesh lining which helps in absorbing the moisture from our skin, creating a cool and dry effect. This coat is soft and silky and mainly used for athletic purpose because of its strength, versatility and lightness. Another added advantage of this coat is that it is highly wrinkle- free and so this coat can be used frequently whenever needed. Logically, sport coat consists of more number of pockets compared to other type of coats.

It maintains the fabric's soft feel even after several usage and washes and thus results in the most comfortable sports coat which provides coolness avoiding humidity. This coat looks good with suitable and proper matching shirt, trousers and other accessories. This sport coat is known for optimistic thinking, encouraging in times of high disappointments and rejuvenating spirits. They can be paired with blue denim jean and its fit, finish and comfort are stupendous. Even though, it is not mentioned as slim fit, this coat usually comes with the exact size perfectly fitting the user. These attires are highly considered to be on the fastest run in the market. Fashioning a lovely velvet sport jacket for a casual day is one thing that can make you look attractive on a lazy day.

Velvet sports jacket is something that can give a rich sporty look for men who like to fashion active styles. Velvet is one of the toughest materials to be made during early stages. It was hard and expensive to manufacture quality velvet before the invention and usage of power looms. We know that this soft to touch, rich material was used by wealthy people and aristocratic people for their daily wears. Common people were not able to afford this luxury material as they were too expensive to afford.

We can make velvet out of many different varieties of fibers but velvet made out of silk is seen to be rich, traditional and valuable than any other variety. Velvet is surely one material that can be used in women's clothing as well as men's clothing. Sport jackets made out of velvet are surely one of the fashion statements for men who love to stay trendy and attractive. This is one fabric that is so comfortable to wear and to touch. The shiny finish of velvet is the advantage that makes it look rich and posh.

Sports jackets are known for their casual look and purpose, making them with the rich look of velvet is sure to enrich its look to several folds. Sport jackets are a pick for men who love ever evolving fashion. High fashion combined with comfort is the points that made sports jacket as instant hits in the fashion industry right from the min nineteenth century. Paring up a stylish velvet sports jacket with jeans or chinos is seen as one of the hot trends for an extra laid back look.

This suit is very true to its size and the quality of the suits makes the customer to visit again. These suits are generally costly as the suits only use the finest woven fabric and linings for their men's fashion in a style but it is worth purchasing. This suit includes French faced linings, sweat guards, expanding hidden waists in trousers and skillful craftsmanship. These suits are a kind of retro suits but they are still welcomed by people in the market and they can be suit in informal gatherings.

Mensusa is a place where you can get all kinds of attires for a reasonable cost without any compromise in the quality of the fabrics. These overcoats are made up of different fabrics and some are made out of woolen. There are different varieties of wool used to stitch these woolen coats and the price also varies according to the type of wool used. Cashmere wool is considered to be one of the top finest wool which provides complete comfort. This Cashmere wool will be replaced by some low quality wool while manufacturing coats and it will be sold in the name of Kashmir wool to deceive the customers. Recent hi-tech technology has paved the way for duplicate woolen overcoats but Mensusa does not deceive the customers like others as its main aim is to satisfy the customers to the maximum and it offers original woolen coats made up of very high quality and it is guaranteed that it will be up to its mark.

can get this velvet jacket at Mensusa for a considerable price without any flaws and it will endure for so many years withstanding all kinds of weather conditions. Online purchasing can also be done for those who are unable to make it to visit the shop.

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