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White Long Faux Fur Coat

Draped around the shoulders of big celebs and models, fur is no more a winter wardrobe, condoning brutality to animals just to look glamorous? Isn't it something very cruel? Fortunately, there is no need to be so cruel on animals for you to stay warm and look stunning. Faux furs are no less than real fur clothing, available online and in stores everywhere several designers and clothing retailers come up with stylish and good faux fur coats that add some excitement to your winter wardrobe with some of these beautiful real fur accessories. This piece of writing will bring out the conscience of fur clothing.

Fur history and Celebrities Who Wear Fur

Hugely popular during the '70s and '80s, the fur trend has been picked up by several celebs. From the European perspective, London happened to be the epicenter of the fur trade to the developed world, but formerly it was Paris. Having a rich and controversial history, a lot of fur, has also been targeted by animal rights groups, on the other hand, some group says that animals in fur farms are treated well so it's okay to wear them.

Seeing that, there have been many layers of portrayal tagged to the concept of fur fashion, all the way through its history: some see it as a conception of barbarism while others view it as trendy; however there are other set of people who view it being an issue of comfort. During the premature times, other societies have depended on fur clothing for its thermal insulation for surviving in harshly cold climates. Fur trade and its fashion trends have long been rooted in socioeconomic standings. Over the years, it was seen as a reflection of one's opulence and societal status. The influence on global expansion of fur business was also very high.

It was during the 1960s, animal right activists instigated a drive to sensitize the community on the subject of the unfortunate situation of animals together with the brutalities they are put up with at fur farms. Their pains become visible to have had an impact on the sense of right and wrong of a number of consumers.

As fabulous as fur is, it does not come without debate. Thanks to faux fur clothing!

Real Vs faux fur debate

Having said all that, there arises a question, how should I achieve that glam look without causing brutality to animals? The answer is faux fur! As aforesaid, as fabulous as fur is, it does not come without controversies, this persists with the real Vs faux fur debate as well and it has been going on for years. Animal rights activists have campaigned strongly not in favor of the use of real fur due to the way in which animals are killed solely for its skin. This has also resulted in disruption of fur fashion shows with protests, whilst other anti-fur campaigners may use fashion shows featuring faux fur.

Bred and slaughtered; caged and killed; shot or trapped, it takes up a lot of process like gassing, electrocution or being simply skinned alive; A "sensual second skin" is good to wear, but the process involved behind it is very harsh. Going faux fur is simple and easy plus it has nothing to do with any of the above said methods.

Faux fur- Resembling fur, faux fur is no less than the real fur; they are made of synthetic fibers and offer you the exact look of a fur. Introduced during the 1929, they were made available since the 1950's. Best part is that, its rising popularity has been recognized to its support by animal rights and welfare organization which asserts it is animal-friendly substitute to usual fur clothing.

Fur coats- the white look! There is no denying that white is fresh and chic, what about white faux fur coat? They are a level up! Elegant and sophisticated, with the white faux fur coat, apart from achieving that monochromatic look you will always have that quality of polish with whites. Fashion trends with faux fur never go out of style, it has stood the test of time and it comes as no surprise that this just like the real thing comes your way for a fraction of the cost. Elegant and luxurious, make sure that you get them from quality stores, in order to pull off that look.

If you are planning to buy a white long faux fur coat this season and ended up here, then you've dropped in to the right place where you can find many faux fur coats, overcoats, long coats and trench coats that are known for its quality coupled with durability. When you plan to buy something in white, it means that you will want to look smart and attractive. White is one color that has the capacity to give complete look without disturbing your actual personality much. Men who wear white look like angel in a horse as it is a beautiful mixture of manliness and caring nature. The color has the power to make the wearer look like a lover of peace and hence it is so soothing to see someone dressed in this color. We can say that fur is always beautiful and how will you look when you wear white long faux fur coat?

The combination of white with faux fur that is long and smooth is surely attractive enough to make people buy them at first sight. At Mensusa we have a lovely collection of such long coats that can make you look like guardian angel. The majestic look that these lovely overcoats give is what everyone would visualize for. When you wear something costly and smart inside, you will also have to cloth yourself with something equally attractive outside. The point that you will have to remember while buying a faux fur coat is to check if the style matches you. Even if you are in need of big and tall coats, to suit your size, you can feel free to contact us and get what you want.

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